Jewel of the day: Claude Chavent Cubes Necklace

This piece is by Claude Chavent, and features a kind of flattened 3D effect of sterling silver cubes highlighted with one in gold. About the designer: “Claude makes “extremely beautiful jewelry-small pieces imbued with meaning and mystery, sometimes pledges of love, displaying art and skill….They are not ordinary pieces, but recognizable because they are so close to their designer’s wishes that they are like a series of self-portraits, unmistakably signed…They are sublime and hieratic, light imprinted with purity and with the absolute….free of baroque ornamentation and close to the intelligent, absolute beauty of unclouded feelings and as close as possible to desire.” Henri-Michel Morat

Illusion used to not to deceive but to cause perpetual doubt is found in the astonishing jewelry of Claude Chavent. His work is a triumph of tromp l’oeil technique; he brings seeming volume and movement to forms while leaving them flat and light. He plays with optical illusions, using the contrasts of metal colors to develop virtual perspective in his dazzling, sometimes startling, jewelry. Other contrast-such as yellow and black colors, precious and base metals and refined and rough textures- are impeccably crafted from gold and oxidized iron in his designs. He uses gold, platinum, iron and silver because each of these metals offers specific properties unavailable in the others. “Chavent has a passion for the architecture, which addresses and parallels his interest in form. He creates his magnificent designs in a studio in a small village outside Montpellier in the south of France. -“ From Masters:Gold, Curated by Martha Le Van, Lark Books”

You can read more about him here.

This piece is available from Patina Gallery for USD$4,695.



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