Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Sterling Silver Necklace

I have a soft spot for Bottega Veneta’s jewellery but at its very healthy price points, I only own two (small) pieces. This necklace is a bit confusing in its description: A splendidly complex combination of textures and depths characterizes this oxidized silver necklace. The rectangular pendant features large cabochon-cut labradorite, jade and malachite paste elements, framed in textured silver and combined with translucent enamel. Each stone is unique in size, shape and color, creating a sophisticated three-dimensional mosaic. The semi rigid hinged frame, finished with touches of gold, adapts to the neck for a perfect fit. Flat hook closure.”

Paste is glass, basically, and from the above it’s not clear to me if all the stones are glass meant to look like their semi-precious counterparts, or just the “malachite.” Worth checking out if you are interested; this sells for USD$2,200 and there are several matching pieces.



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