Jewel of the day: Victorian Keeper Ring

What I find most appealing about this ring, a Victorian version of the promise ring, is the significant wear it bears. It speaks to being worn for a long time by someone who treasured it. Offered by Ruby Lane seller Victoria Sterling, the description notes, ”

The Keeper ring has many legends, amongst them is that it was given as a sort of pre-engagement or betrothal ring a year before an official engagement was made. A sign that the giver thought that the receiver was worth ‘keeping.’ All roads lead to romance in Victorian England and the appeal and mystery of the Keeper ring still abounds today. This Victorian ring is wonderfully sentimental and would serve well as a great wedding band. It could be sized down a bit (or up a bit). It has weathered some in its over one hundred years of wear and is sure to look great after a hundred more. The gold has the soft feel of heavy velvet.

This wonderfully handcrafted Keeper ring is handcrafted in 18 karat gold. It was made in England around 1880-1890, while it was fully hallmarked when it was made, the marks are now too worn to totally make out. It has been acid tested to verify the gold content. The ring is currently a size 8.75 and it could easily be resized to suit a new wearer. The ring weighs 7.3 grams.”

This sells for USD$1,440.



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