Jewel of the day: Karin Alisa Houben Pocahontas and Me Turquoise & Crazy Lace Agate Necklace with Fossil Coral

This necklace has a real exuberance to it, with a mix of materials and colours. By Karin Alisa Houben, she explains, “This stunning specimen of red crazy lace agate is alive with scenes of red desert rocks.

‘Tis proffered quite majestically with a lovingly bead-woven “bail” which presents the stone like a medal of highest honor. Itty bitty seed beads are stitched together, one-by-one to form a setting reminiscent of a woven Native American blanket, replete with arrow motif denoting the 4 directions.

The dramatic medallion is suspended from a glorious necklace of hand-knotted turquoise, flanked by two lovely ovals of red fossil coral.Hand-knotted & finished off with sterling silver filigree & a rope patterned toggle clasp. Pocahontas & Me Necklace: 17 1/2 inches long & lovely. Red Crazy Lace Agate Stone: 1 1/2+ inches. Quite the statement in its own right; versatility is yours, as the pendant may be removed to be worn on a neck ring, scarf, chain, other stand of beads, that choice is up to you. Conversely, you may leave the pendant safely tucked away whilst you take the Turquoise necklace out on the town.”

It sells for USD$225 and there are matching earrings available.



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