Jewel of the day: Kat Rox Wear Attitude Yellow Turquoise Slab Necklace

This is necklaced goodness: a chunky, out there yellow turquoise slab multi strand piece. The owner of this Etsy site (Kat Rox Wear Attitude) notes, “What a big, bold and beautiful two-strand statement necklace! These are yellow turquoise** slabs (I purchased these from a reliable and reputable gemstone dealer, but I cannot guarantee that they are in fact turquoise; they might be enhanced howlite or magnesite). They are the big and thick slabs which add to that high-end, luxury couture look. Comparable pieces may be found at upper scale department stores for higher price points. They are a rich, lemony yellow color with nice webbing/matrixing. This would be gorgeous for a cruise, tropical vacation or holiday get away. Great piece for the hot summer months….super Christmas gift!”

This sells for USD$300.




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