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Jewel of the day: Digby and Iona Destiny is Wild Signet Ring

This funky ring is a collaboration between Digby and Iona and artist Matthew Zaremba. It is available in sterling silver or in gold (shown below in silver). The silver ring is USD$160; in gold it is $1,550-1,850.

Digby and Iona is the brainchild of Aaron Ruff. “As a young boy growing up in Maine, Aaron was fascinated with the idea of stumbling upon hidden treasures and unearthing ancient relics. Created in 2006, the “Digby & Iona” namesake stems from a trip to Nova Scotia, taken before the company had ever been established. Feeling a connection with the small province and wanting to maintain a level of anonymity, Ruff chose to name his company after the two quiet seaside towns in Nova Scotia.

The son of a craftsman, Ruff has grown up with a strong sense of artistry and construction. Working as both a carpenter and cabinetmaker, he enrolled at Parsons to study furniture design. After taking a class in jewelry making, Ruff soon discovered his true craft. While enjoying the familiarity and technique of creating furniture, he found a more intimate connection with constructing objects that people could wear and cherish. This connection is distinct in each one of his well-crafted pieces.

Ruff now works out of his Brooklyn studio, creating jewelry inspired by everything from history and literature, to the design of nature and tools of necessity. Ruff also draws from his childhood fantasies of exploration, which lends a playful quality to his work.”



Jewel of the day: Alex Mika Wishbone Necklace

The wishbone shape lends itself well to this kind of necklace and really, who couldn’t use a bit more luck? By sister-founded brand Alex Mika, this is sterling silver with either white or yellow gold plating, and synthetic sapphires. It sells for USD$70.



Oscars 2017: Darby Stanchfield: girl, those earrings #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

I did not know who Darby Stanchfield was or why she was walking the red carpet. Turns out she’s on Scandal, but I still don’t know why she is on the Oscars red carpet. But considering those earrings, I’m happy she is. So juicy and amazing. Credited to Neil Lane. Yum.


Oscars 2017: Dakota Johnson, they provide napkins #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

I think it’s a safe bet that Dakota Johnson will be on a lot of worst dressed lists tomorrow. For one thing, that frill (or is it a furbelow, and yes that’s a word and not a pun, though it kind of is) on her lap … someone should tell her napkins are provided at the Governor’s Ball. For another, the material looks like a cheap polyester creased mess. But no, it’s Gucci. Though it looks like a rejected costume from a Joan Crawford test shoot. Oh, and the jewels are Cartier. But the egregious everything else (and I haven’t even mentioned the flat hair. Oh wait, I just did) detract completely from the jewels. So now you know what it takes to upstage Cartier. A total lack of taste everywhere else.


Oscars 2017: Jessica Biel – yes and no #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

Yes and no because yes, I love that Tiffany necklace but no because why with that dress? The two kind of cancel each other out. And honey, no earrings?

Well, at least the A is for effort and not for awful.


Oscars 2017: Taraji P. Henson brings it #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

Diamonds are clearly Taraji’s best friend and if she doesn’t want them, she can send them my way. These are by Nirav Modi, and are the perfect complement to her Alberta Feretti gown. She is nominated for best supporting actress for Hidden Figures.


Oscars 2017: Thank you, Ruth Negga #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

One of the first arrivals to the Oscars red carpet, actress in a leading role for Loving nominee Ruth Negga gives me life – and hope that these Academy Awards will not once again be a jewel-free zone. That hope will probably be dashed if previous years are anything to by by, but a girl can dream of bling. And does.

Negga has been working with Gemfields and sporting some very noticeable bling in the lead up to the big night. Case in point: this headpiece/tiara and matching earrings in rubies and diamonds (though The Hollywood Reporter is saying the headpiece is by Irene Neuwirth). They are stunning on her, look great with her dress, and are fitting for the occasion. I am loving it – pun intended and deserved.


Jewel of the day: Melanie Georgacopoulos Mother of Pearl Bracelet

If pearls are seen as stuffy and conservative, mother of pearl is often seen as its cheap, sleazy cousin. But here, mother of pearl is used to excellent effect in a necklace set in 18k white gold and fastened with a South Sea pearl.

By Melanie Georgacopoulos, this is a sharp contemporary piece that makes elegant use of its materials. What more could you ask for? About the designer (who is now in charge of designs for Tasaki), who describes her aesthetic as, “challenging ideas about classic pearl jewellery. Here she set to capture the elemental quality of this organic, precious stone and to reinvest it with modern meanings far removed from tradition. Since then she has been exploring the endless aesthetic possibilities that the pearl can provide as jewellery. Her work constantly defies convention, bringing the pearl to the domains of art and high fashion, whilst retaining its quality as a wearable accessory.”



Jewel of the day: Alexandra Jefford Ellipse Ring

I like the use of space in this ring, and the wide open circle where typically a stone or stones would be set. By Alexandra Jefford, this ring is made of 18k pink gold set with pave diamonds. The piece is described as, “A unique ring, featuring an elliptical cycle embellished with diamonds and a random white gold dot speaks of perfection and imperfection, love and individuality. A beautifully handmade jewel that can….”

This sells for €4,250.


Jewel of the day: Jo Hayes Ward Parquet Crescent Necklace

The baguette diamonds set to mimic the woodwork of a parquet floor makes me think of the 1970s – but in a good way. By Jo Hayes Ward, it’s rendered in 18k yellow gold with seven baguette diamonds (carat weight not indicated) and a length of 50 cm.

This sells for €2, 200.


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