Jewel of the day: Pound Malachite Pendant

This is the signature piece for the jewelry company Pound (a mother/daughters venture), as shown by the small fist “holding” the suspended pendant. The designers note, “A ‘Stone of Transformation,’ Malachite has been used since 400 B.C. as a talisman and for decoration. This stone was used as a stone of “Protection” against the “Evil Eye” in the Middle Ages and was also ground up to be used as eye shadow! Carrying within it a Scorpionic energy, Malachite assists us in uncovering that which is hidden, such as the unseen obstacles preventing us from taking the next step towards pushing and sharing our gifts and beauty out into the world. The world needs your gifts and your magic.Also known as an incredible stone for traveler’s protecting against fear of flying and assisting easy fluid travels for our many journeys.”

These come in a variety of stones; shown here with malachite. The chain is gold filled. This sells for USD$195.



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