Jewel of the day: RockLove Catacombs Ring

RockLove is a cool site that makes jewelry with a talismanic/Goth vibe, but also to support and celebrate the fandoms of various shows and movies. Categories include Firefly, Outlander, The Hobbit, Assassins Creed, Warcraft, Penny Dreadful, Stargate, and others.

They note, “RockLove celebrates lost art forms, eras of history, exotic destinations, and the belief that your jewelry’s back-story should be as interesting as your own. After an old-world apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer/jeweler Allison Hourcade Cimino fused her love of history, fantasy, and sci-fi with her training as a silversmithing to develop RockLove’s exclusive sterling silver collections.  In addition to the ever changing RockLove line, Allison has had the honor to collaborate with many beloved franchises to create sophisticated, clever merchandise that allows men & women of all ages to celebrate their favorite fandom. Every piece is handmade from start to finish in NYC by Allison and her team (including three German Shepherds who spend their day in the office, awaiting the UPS man and his treats) using the highest quality precious metals, genuine gemstones, antique relics, and fair trade organic materials.”

This ring takes its inspiration from the Paris Catacombs. “Beneath the very heart of Paris, twenty metres below ground, the “World’s Largest Grave” contains the remains of six million Parisians, transferred there gradually between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. In a maze over 200 miles of old caves, tunnels and quarries, with dark galleries and narrow passages, The Paris Catacombs house a tableau of death, with bones arranged in a macabre display of high Romantic taste. Poems and passages, both sacred and profane, adorn the walls to offer each witness ponderous pause.

Omne crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum.
Know that each day that dawns may be your last.
– Horace

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, the Catacomb Ring is massive, with the top plaque spanning 25mm square. Stacks of skulls and femurs surround all four sides. Averages 25 to 30 grams depending on shank size.”

It sells for USD$195.



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