Jewel of the day: Gigi Moon Ancient Roman Coin Ring

Old coins and glass are really fascinating, given how long they’ve endured and how many hands have touched them over centuries. (Ok, probably less fascinating if you’re a germaphobe; fortunately, I’m not.)

This ring by Gigi Moon incorporates a Roman coin into a ring. The description: “A genuine ancient Roman coin is set in a sterling silver prong setting. The coin is from 200 – 400 AD. Ancient Roman coins like this are found all over Europe, Great Brittany, Spain, Egypt, Germany, any place occupied by the Roman Empire. The fronts of the coins feature the portrait of an unknown Roman Emperor. The backs feature two soldiers with signa, depicting Gloria Excercitus, the “Glory of the Army”. I chose to feature the back side but please feel free to request one with the head as the focal side. The coins shown in the picture are all that I have in stock. Please expect variation as these are genuine relics, the detail, size and coloration of the coin varies.
Each ring is custom made upon order. Please message me your size and coin side preference when ordering.”

This sells for a very reasonable USD$89.


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