Jewel of the day: Kathrin Grosse Sterling Silver and Leather Bracelet

Henkel and Grosse is a name well known to costume jewelry collectors. As well as making pieces under their own name, they also produced jewelry for houses such as Dior. The work was high quality and sought after. Kathrin Grosse explains her family’s history: “In 1907, Heinrich Henkel and Florentin Grosse joined forces to found “Henkel & Grosse” in Pforzheim, a town known as the center of the German jewelry and watch-making industry. Ever since, the Grosse family has built over 100 years of tradition and heritage in jewelry making. I am proud to follow in my family’s footsteps and am delighted to present to you the new Grosse Jewels Sterling Silver collection. From early on, I set high value not only on innovative and aesthetically exceptional designs, but also on craftsmanship of the highest quality: from production to customer service.”

Though there is a “shop” section on her website, it appears to be password protected. She does also have an Etsy shop, where this bracelet can be found. The clasp is magnetic, making it easier to take off and put on. This sells for USD$224.38.


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