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Jewel of the day: Candace Covelli Pink Sapphire Tablet Ring

Candace Covelli‘s latest designs take their inspiration from medicine – pills and capsules. This ring was literally cast from a tablet mold, complete with half-tablet scoring in the centre. The top half is pave set with 0.125 ct sapphires; the ring is 14k yellow gold.

This sells for USD$650.



Jewel of the day: Valentine Rouge Opal Station Necklace

I now have several pieces by Toronto-based Valentine Rouge and I’m becoming a big fan. The jewellery is meticulously made with quality materials, often semi-precious, which make the designs look richer than they actually are.

This necklace, whose sister piece I saw in person on the weekend, is made of pink opals and and sapphire stations with blue topaz. It can easily be worn doubled for more versatility (worn as a single strand it measures 40 inches).

This sells for CDN$389.

Jewel of the day: Slate and Tell Paw Pendant

Our fur babies can mean as much to us as family members and friends (for some, even more so!). This adorable cut out paw pendant lets you express your love for your animal, cat or dog. From Slate and Tell, they also offer bundles of personalized pendants expressing family relationships, love, milestones, and just fun.

This sells for USD$29; chain sold separately. It’s also available at various prices in gold plated silver and different gold karats and colours.

Jewel of the day: DeBeers Talisman Oval Bangle Bracelet

I’ve been in love with the DeBeers Talisman collection since it came out ten years ago. There’s something about the seemingly random placement of yellow and white diamonds, an intriguing mix of rough, rose and brilliant cut stones, that gives the pieces a pleasing texture and look.

DeBeers notes, “Symbolic of a universal belief that belongs to the history of mankind and the Earth, Talisman is a beautiful homage to diamonds in all their mystical glory. A modern interpretation of diamond sequences, round brilliants, rose-cuts, and rough diamonds are proudly studded into this 18K yellow gold bangle with our innovative serti poincon (hallmark) setting. Meticulously positioned, each of the diamonds of this oval bangle have been carefully hand selected to create a succession of majestic enchantment and harmony. Approximate total carat weight is 0.8ct dependent on bangle size.”

This sells for USD$9,800.

Jewel of the day: Luca Jouel Lotus Cocktail Ring

There is something about all black – mysterious, edgy, sexy. This ring by Australian designer Luca Jouel is made in ruthenium plated palladium set with black diamonds.

The site notes, “This dark and dramatic dress ring is pave’ set with 282 mixed size black diamonds in an ornate lotus flower motif. Round brilliant cut diamonds: 2.05ct total black, heat treated, 234 x 0.005ct; 8 x 0.01ct, 40 x 0.02ct. Band: slightly rounded, dimensions 10.35 x 1.0mm.”

This sells for AUD$6,645.

Jewel of the day: Melanie Casey In The Sky With Topaz Necklace

Though I prefer jewellery with a bit more heft, there are days when I crave something delicate. This whimsical design by Melanie Casey uses an offset stone to nice effect, with a topaz accented by diamonds to one since.

This is set in 14k yellow gold in your choice of matte or high polish finish. The necklace features a 4mm princess cut natural peach imperial topaz (AA grade); two 1.5mm white diamonds (SI3 clarity, G-H color), and five 1mm white diamonds (SI3 clarity, G-H color).

It sells for USD$588.

Jewel of the day: Logan Holowell Diamond Cloud Ring

The words “diamond cloud” sound mighty tempting, and this ring by LA-based Logan Holowell is a pretty temptation indeed. Holowell’s “about” page notes, “Raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Logan grew up surrounded by wilderness and the magic of nature. Many childhood nights included stargazing and admiring the moon, captivated by the comfort of the cosmos. Most of her younger years were spent outdoors hiking, fishing, and boating – living simply and free. Logan went on to study Fine Art and Psychology. Human nature and interaction has always piqued her curiosity in knowing that every person has a story to tell. Learning about different civilizations across history, specifically Native American and Egyptian cultures, created a fascination with heirlooms and creating one of a kind pieces to pass down. She designs and constructs each handmade piece in downtown Los Angeles, with an organic and asymmetrical aesthetic, special and perfect in its own right, like human nature. Nature and spiritual symbolism were the foundation of Logan’s upbringing, which is shown throughout her fine jewelry collection laden with totem animals, constellations, precious stones and metals, and sacred numerology. “There are no straight lines and confined boundaries in nature. Each imperfection is what makes it beautiful,” says Hollowell. Logan designs with intention. Each piece is made with the love and magic that she came to know through nature and the universe. Logan’s mission is to empower and inspire others to live as their best selves while letting go of fear and breaking boundaries of societal expectations and constraints.”

Made of 14k gold set with .30 carats of bezeled diamonds, it would be a nice addition to your collection. This sells for USD$1,265.

Jewel of the day: Melanie Auld Melanie Auld Braided Tassel Bracelet

This is a fun, easy to wear bracelet that lends itself well to stacking or being worn on its own, with the fabric tassels the star of the show. By Melanie Auld, it is gold plating over brass adorned with tassels; they come in other colours as well. This version in wine is part of Auld’s fall 2017 collection.

This sells for USD$85.

Jewel of the day: Luna Skye Graduated Diamond to Ruby Earrings

These are a pretty take on the classic diamond solitaire earring, with three solitaires, including a ruby. By Luna Skye, these are made with a 14k gold setting hold total ruby weight of .10 carats, and total diamond weight of .20 carats. They are sold as a pair for USD$700.


Jewel of the day: Paul Hewitt PHREP IP Anchor Bracelet

It can be hard, I feel, to find men’s jewellery that isn’t fairly cliche. While the anchor is a pretty well worn motif, I like the way it’s been incorporated into this leather braid bracelet by Paul Hewitt.

This comes in many different colour combinations and sizes, both as to the leather and the metal anchor (composition is not specified). This matte black version sells for USD$59.90.

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