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Jewel of the day: Venyx X CVC – Virgo Necklace

Venyx has a lot of interesting designs ranging from quite minimalist to heavily embellished. This necklace is a collaboration: “Eugenie Niarchos of Venyx World and Charlie de Viel Castel of CVC Stones have joined forces to launch a collaboration series of limited-edition jewellery pieces.Carefully selected seaside pebbles are embellished with precious stones. Each stone positioned like a star to form the shape of constellations and their corresponding Zodiac Signs.Black pebbles are set with diamonds in true CVC fashion, and white-coloured pebbles are set with coloured gemstones for more of a Venyx twist.

The specs are:

  • 18k Yellow Gold approx. 3.95gr
  • 1 Round Black Stone
  • 10 Diamonds 0.27ct
  • Stone (approx.): Height 36mm, Width 28mm
  • Chain’s Length: 76cm

Price available upon request.



Jewel of the day: Tiffany Save the Wild Elephant Brooch

This is a cool fundraising effort by Tiffany. They note, “Tiffany & Co. has always had a powerful relationship with nature and a long history of supporting wildlife conservation. We are proud to introduce the Tiffany Save the Wild collection, benefiting the Elephant Crisis Fund with 100% of the profits donated to support anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction projects worldwide.Tiffany & Co. is proud to donate 100% of the profits from the Tiffany Save the Wild collection to the Elephant Crisis Fund, an initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network. Tiffany & Co. has committed to a minimum donation to the Elephant Crisis Fund of at least USD $1,000,000 by January 31, 2019.”

The piece is sterling silver set with a tsavorite in the elephant’s trunk. It sells for USD$500.

Jewel of the day: Dean Davidson Marquise Earrings

When you fight the crowds to go Boxing Day shopping, it makes the effort feel worthwhile if you come home with a thing of two. These Marquise earrings by Dean Davidson did end up following me home. Got them on sale at Nordstrom, but they are still selling for full price on Davidson’s website (CDN$250).

They are gold plating over brass, set with white topaz (they also come with a black onyx option). Happy Boxing Day to me!

Jewel of the day: Nialaya Agate, Hematite and CZ Bracelet

Beaded bracelets like this one by Nialaya have been popular for a while now. They are fun, colourful, and easy to wear. As of the time of writing, this was on sale (check price at time of purchase if you are interested!)

This one is made with agate, hematite and cubic zirconia accents; its post-Christmas sale price is USD$266; regular price is $380.

Jewel of the day: Ted Muehling Pearl Cluster Hoop Earrings

These elegant Ted Muehling earrings are perfect for the minimalist in your life. Made in 14k yellow gold and adorned with freshwater pearls, they measure 2 inches.

These sell for USD$890 from Bergdorf Goodman.

Jewel of the day: Yossi Harari Helen Mini Element Bracelet

Yossi Harari works with high karat gold, frequently combining it with silver and rough cut diamonds. In this piece, the gold is 24 and 18k yellow accented with .67 carats of diamonds.

This sells for USD$8,675 from Stanley Korshak.


Jewel of the day: Alice Cicolini Chattri Drop Ring

I considered something Christmassy but maybe it’s like carols by this time of the year … over it a little bit?

In any event, this ring by Alice Cicolini is pretty cool and it is in a seasonal red and green. Its focal point is a large green amethyst, and I kind of love the drop rubies hanging from the setting. The ring is set in 18ct yellow gold, set with polished natural Indian ruby, and the aforementioned green amethyst.

Cicolini notes, The Chattri collection echoes the elegant line of Indian palace windows, inspired by a fort palace wedding in the deserts of Rajasthan. This beautiful ring is handmade in London by one of the UK’s finest goldsmiths, and small polished ruby drops add flashes of colour and movement to its light frame.”

This sells for £2,950.00.
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Jewel of the day: Valentine Rouge Principessa Navy Choker

I have become a big fan of Valentine Rouge and I’m sure I’ll be acquiring more pieces than I currently have in the future. This is part of their Renaissance collection, and this choker comes in either the blue shown, or with a red stone.

They note, “The designer revives the elegance and grace of Italy’s golden Renaissance and Baroque eras into a modern feminine vibe. Each jewelry piece is rendered from original molds and stampings from eras past, electroplated with 18k gold; and meticulously hand set with precious stones; Austrian Crystal; fresh water pearls; and Venetian glass, to create an exquisite collection of modern heirloom jewelry. 18K gold vermeil, fresh water pearls 4mm diameter, navy quartz. 15 inches length plus 2 inch ext chain, hypo-allergenic.”

This sells for CAD$180.

Jewel of the day: Vale Jewelry Interlocking Link Necklace

This necklace by Vale Jewelry is perfect for those days when you want something perfectly understated. Two linked rectangles are the focal point in either a 14k yellow or white gold necklace.

This sells for USD$395.

Jewel of the day: Antique Memorial Pendant

This pendant (formerly a brooch, but along the years the pin stem was removed) is offered by Etsy seller Davin Jewelry. Though it doesn’t have the typical motifs seen in mourning pieces (urns, weeping willows) it’s possible that was the original intent.The seller describes it as, “A beautiful and vibrant antique Georgian era (1714-1837) miniature hand painted watercolor memorial or portrait pendant set behind crystal glass and housed in 10k yellow gold with hand engraved edge details. Originally also a brooch, but the pin stem has been removed. This pendant is a great size measuring: 1 5/8″ high (not including jump rings) x 1″ wide. This piece has been cleaned and is ready for immediate wear!”

This sells for USD$850.

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