Golden Globes 2018: The Great Blackout

It’s been known for some time that many actresses walking the Golden Globes red carpet are choosing to wear black in solidarity with the #metoo sexual harassment backlash rightfully sweeping media, business, entertainment and more.

And apparently wearing black means wearing no accessories at all. I was especially disappointed that Claire Foy, receiving acclaim and a nomination for playing Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, didn’t accessorize with at least a modicum of sparkle. But … nothing. I saw the occasional pair of statement earrings (you go, Catherine Zeta-Jones) and one statement necklace by an actress who is not familiar to me at all. The big name red carpet walkers have simply eschewed any wonderful jewelry completely.

This isn’t really a new trend. For the past several years, most award shows have skewed to a very minimal look as dictated by a stylist somewhere. For me, all of this begs the question of the purpose of jewelry as a part of costume, especially at an event like this. Do people in the public eye see it strictly as a frivolity? An adornment that takes away from whatever statement their clothing or the occasion itself might be making? This is an interesting turn because for centuries, jewelry has punctuated status, power, social position (or lack of same) and yes, protest. I’m of the belief that you can wear jewelry at a gala or red carpet event and have it amplify whatever other message you are trying to make.

I’m not surprised to see a jewel blackout tonight, but I am disappointed.


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