Jewel of the day: Austrian Cherries Pin and a Story

As some of you may know, I stopped writing this about three weeks ago because I wasn’t sure if enough people were reading it to make continuing worthwhile. (Again, I have not monetized this, receive no free items or payment, so it’s not that.)

Yesterday, someone contacted me to enquire if a piece on my website was still available for purchase. It was, and as we were talking about shipping details, we realized we live relatively close to one another so shipping would not be necessary. Today, we met so I could give the buyer the piece in person.

He asked me how long I had had the piece (several years). Then said, I have a story for you.

It turns out his mother had owned this exact pin, which had been owned by her mother. A year ago, she lost it. He said yesterday he decided to do a search and see if he could find a replacement. The photo of my pin turned up, he got in touch and the rest, as it turns out, is kismet. What are the odds that two days before her birthday, he would find the exact piece in the same city in which he lives, and be able to hand deliver it? It’s a gift for her birthday tomorrow and I wish I could see her reaction when she opens her gift.

For me, jewellery has always been more than adornment. It’s memories, it’s knowing the person who owned the piece before you, or not knowing and wondering. It’s thinking about the craftsman who envisioned the design and made it come to life. It’s life; it’s the past; it’s the future; it’s art.

This pin is Austrian, possibly late 50s to early 60s in manufacture. The cherries hang from chains and have little green rhinestone “caps”, giving the brooch a lot of movement and life. It makes me smile as does its new owner. So happy birthday to Nick’s mom. I hope she loves this and it brings back happy memories of her mom.

And this has made me think I should take another crack at writing this.

Thanks to all who commented to let me know this blog has a place in their daily life. Your readership is much appreciated.

Here we go again.


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