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Golden Globes 2018: The Great Blackout

It’s been known for some time that many actresses walking the Golden Globes red carpet are choosing to wear black in solidarity with the #metoo sexual harassment backlash rightfully sweeping media, business, entertainment and more.

And apparently wearing black means wearing no accessories at all. I was especially disappointed that Claire Foy, receiving acclaim and a nomination for playing Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, didn’t accessorize with at least a modicum of sparkle. But … nothing. I saw the occasional pair of statement earrings (you go, Catherine Zeta-Jones) and one statement necklace by an actress who is not familiar to me at all. The big name red carpet walkers have simply eschewed any wonderful jewelry completely.

This isn’t really a new trend. For the past several years, most award shows have skewed to a very minimal look as dictated by a stylist somewhere. For me, all of this begs the question of the purpose of jewelry as a part of costume, especially at an event like this. Do people in the public eye see it strictly as a frivolity? An adornment that takes away from whatever statement their clothing or the occasion itself might be making? This is an interesting turn because for centuries, jewelry has punctuated status, power, social position (or lack of same) and yes, protest. I’m of the belief that you can wear jewelry at a gala or red carpet event and have it amplify whatever other message you are trying to make.

I’m not surprised to see a jewel blackout tonight, but I am disappointed.


Jewel of the day: Annie Costello Brown Mini Rain Earrings

These sterling silver shoulder duster earrings (they are four inches long) by Annie Costello Brown pack quite the punch. Three strands of half circles give them an almost wind chime look, though if they tinkle like wind chimes, that would probably drive me a little bit crazy. But, as the saying goes, you have to suffer to be beautiful. No?

These sell for USD$295 at Net-A-Porter.


Jewel of the day: Aurelie Bidermann Gunmetal Lace Cuff

Available from, this large bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann looks more delicate because of the “lace” pattern in the metal.

There is no info about the material used or the dimensions (because why would you want to know those things, right?), but Bidermann does costume jewellery, so I will assume it’s silver plated base metal. This sells for USD$845.



Jewel of the day: Carolyn Tillie Pierre Hermes Pink Rose Cake Ring

Marrying jewellery to cake could be, well, one of the best things ever. Designer Carolyn Tillie pays homage to master pastry chef Pierre Herme (though she has added an S to his name) in this plastic and sterling silver ring in the shape of a loaf cake. Herme actually does produce something similar; you can find the backstory and recipe for his Ispahan Loaf Cake here. (Herme also does other cakes and loafs that look quite like the ring pictured.)

This ring sells for USD $85 from Seattle’s Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, and best of all, it’s calorie free.

Carolyn Tillie Pink Rose Cake Ring


Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Dagger Earrings

Not a Game of Thrones fan but feeling rather warrior-like? Never fear. Pamela Love offers these dagger earrings to show just how tough you are.

Made of sterling plate, they are an impressive 4.5 inches long, and made for pierced ears. They sell for USD $248 at ShopBop.

Pamela Love Dagger Earrings

Jewel of the day: Mr. Kate Decay Starburst Mismatch Earrings

These mismatched earrings by Mr. Kate look like they should come with a cartoon bubble that says, “KAPOW!”

They’re available from LA’s Roseark, but under details all it says is, “Mistmatch star earrings. Large earring approximately 1″ and small approximately .5″.” (Yes, they have written mistmatch … not sure if it’s a typo or artistic license.)

Since they sell for USD $95, I’m guessing they’re brass, perhaps gold plated. If you are interested, you can order them here.

Mr. Kate Decay Earrings

Jewel of the day: OneHappyLeaf Laser Cut Necklace

Happy New Year! So it’s January 1, and you’re feeling like you may barf if you see one more shiny, glittery object. If so, this is just the adornment for you: a laser cut necklace made of eco wood (not sure exactly what that means…), silver plated chain and bamboo.

Perth, Australia based designer OneHappyLeaf describes the piece this way: Bubble inspired necklace has been hand designed before being laser cut onto honey brown bamboo wood. Laser cut wooden bubbles pendant measures approximately 4.5 inches by 2.5 (11.5 cm by 6.5 cm). Choose the colour and length of your chain: either an antique bronzed chain or silver plated chain in either 28 inches (72 cm) or 20 inches (51 cm) in length. The edges of the lasercut pendant are “burnt” to give contrast to the lovely grained bamboo.

Yours for a very reasonable USD $32.07 (and I’m guessing the odd number comes from a currency conversion from Australian dollars).

One Happy Leaf Statement Necklace

Jewel of the day: Sotheby’s Diamond and Natural Pearl Aigrette Tiara

It’s New Year’s Eve and why wear one of those tatty foiled 2014 “tiaras” when you could be swanning about in the real thing?

You don’t have to be royalty to wear one and you don’t even have to be a millionaire. Sotheby’s sold this late 19th century aigrette tiara for USD $24,579 (including buyer’s premium). An aigrette was a popular spray of feathers or jewels worn to mimic an egret feather and often worn in the hair or as a brooch.

So happy new year in advance … and don’t have so much fun that you forget where you left your tiara.

Sotheby's Natural Pearl and Diamond Aigrette Tiara


Jewel of the day: India Hicks Moon Slivers Earrings

Much of India Hicks‘s jewellery designs to date have played off a geometric rearrangement of letters of the alphabet, as well as motifs like hexagons and circles, some diamond set, some sterling silver or gold only.

These Moon Sliver Earrings play off a new theme, and use sterling silver plated with 18k yellow gold. They are set with a total weight of .38 diamonds, on a shepherd’s crook wire. These sell for USD $925 on Hicks’s web site.

India Hicks Moon Slivers earrings

Jewel of the day: Metropolitan Museum of Art Deco Chinoiserie Pendant Necklace

It is something of a joke among my friends that I love museums or, more accurately, their gift shops. On my last several trips to New York, I spent hours in the gift shops and saw not a single exhibit.

Sue me. I think the gift shops offer a really fabulous array of interesting pieces often drawn from the museum’s own collection or period influences. And so it is here, with this great Chinoiserie pendant necklace (and it has matching earrings and a cuff – be still my heart) from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Museum explains, “Our splendid pendant necklace is based on a necklace pictured in a rare catalogue in the Museum’s collection, which was issued about 1920 by Dreicer & Co. of New York (1868–1927). In its day, the firm rivaled Cartier, and was noted for its fine adornments in platinum, diamonds, and pearls. Dreicer & Co.’s necklace illustrates the popularity of Chinese motifs in Art Deco jewelry designs of the 1920s.

Imitation rhodium overlay, with carved resin, Czech crystals, glass, and cultured freshwater pearls. Box-and-tongue closure. 32”L; pendant: 2 1/4”L.”

I learned something – imitation rhodium overlay?? I also can’t help wishing the carved resin was actually glass. Well, at least the pearls are real, and the price is great: USD $90, $81 for members. The matching earrings are USD $50 ($45 for members) and the cuff bracelet is USD $125 ($112. 50 for members). I know where I’ll be heading on my next visit….

MMA deco chinoiserie necklace

MMA deco chinoiserie set


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