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Jewel of the day: Clariste Jewelery Stingray Bracelet with Silver Lock

Clariste Jewelry is a firm with a fresh take on wearable pieces. Their “about” statement notes that they are ” high end designer jewelry company founded by Austrian designer Andreas Stifter. Our driving force is to create extraordinary collections for individualists who want to stand out of the crowd. It is our effort to deliver highest quality products and so only superior materials and handpicked natural gemstones are used to create our jewelry. Every single piece is made with meticulous attention to detail, to create an exclusive and edgy style. For our Shamballa bracelets and necklaces we use stones with ancient traditional uses and healing properties. Each stone has its signature energy field, and supports different inner strengths and your emotional balance. When you select a stone for a certain purpose, the proximity of it will positively effect your own energy fields and guide you towards your goal. The name Clariste is a combination of two latin words, „clarere“ which means to stand out and „ariste“ which means jewel. Since his early childhood, Andreas has always had a passion for extraordinary looks and a dedication to uniqueness. These two characteristics are the foundation of our company and create jewelry for people who prefer exceptional things in life.”

This piece features stingray closed with an ornate engraved silver locking mechanism. It sells for £183.

Jewel of the day: Kojima Pearl Twinkle Stud Earrings

If simple pearl stud earrings are too simple for you, this gussied up pair by Kojima Pearl is worth a look. An oxidized sterling silver spikey halo frames a 6.5mm Chinese freshwater pearl. These sell for USD$135.

Jewel of the day: Two A Double Square Horn Necklace

This pendant by Two A is definitely on the large side, but it looks perfect with a tunic type top or dress. They note, “This daring and beautiful geometric necklace is the definition of a statement piece. Turn heads and grab attention with this long necklace crafted from strong metal casting plated in matte silver coloring. This necklace is big, bold and fearless. It’s the perfect way to showcase your unique personality and style.”

This sells for Cdn$263.


Jewel of the day: Liel and Lentz Paloma Ring

I find the more unconventional use of a stone laid horizontally in a ring really eye catching. This one, by Liel and Lentz, sets a Labradorite marquise into a gold plated brass band. At 2mm, the band is also satisfyingly chunky and offsets the size of this tone. As of this writing, the ring was on sale for Cdn$53 from $105.

Jewel of the day: Seasonal Whispers Multiple Bracelet

Never know how or what to stack when it comes to bracelets? Problem solved with this set of six bracelets by Seasonal Whispers. With just enough embellishment to give them some dash and sparkle, they feature crystals and faux pearls set on 24k plated wire.

This sells for USD$107 for the set.

Jewel of the day: Victoria Sorkin Holitache Earrings

Victoria Sorkin uses fabric and beads in her intricate yet very wearable pieces. These earrings are an excellent case in point. She has embellished fabric strips with Swarovski crystals to great effect. These measure 8cm long and are 3.6 cm at their widest part. They sell for USD$147.

Jewel of the day: Monserrat De Lucca Brass Skeleton Bracelet

For my Goth leaning friends (and you know who you are!) this skeleton bracelet will be a perfect fit. By LA-based Monserat De Lucca (who also make great bags) the chain allows for to curve snugly over the wrist. This sells for USD$170.


Jewel of the day: Pono Azores Resin Necklace

When the weather heats up, it’s great to have a lightweight option that still offers style points. This resin necklace by Pono is colourful and easy to wear. It adjusts with a bolo-type tie that enables the wearer to make it longer or shorter. This sells for USD$365.


Jewel of the day: Valentine Rouge Letta Oxidized Silver Earrings

I was out for a walk and wandered into a local store, where I encountered charming pieces by Valentine Rouge, a Toronto-based designer. I love this kind of serendipitous find. I’d never heard of the brand but this won’t be my only piece. These earrings feature crystal quartz set in oxidized silver. They are fairly light weight, making them more comfortable and easier to wear.

The company notes, “The designer revives the elegance and grace of Italy’s golden Renaissance and Baroque eras into a modern feminine vibe. Each jewelry piece is rendered from original molds and stampings from eras past, electroplated with 18k gold; and meticulously hand set with precious stones; Austrian Crystal; fresh water pearls; and Venetian glass, to create an exquisite collection of modern heirloom jewelry.”

These sell for Cdn$140.

Jewel of the day: Carat London Hanging Pear Pendant Necklace

I’m an unabashed fan of fabulous fakes, and Carat London does them well. This piece is rhodium plated sterling silver set with cubic zirconia stones. There are matching earrings and a ring should you want to complete a set.

This necklace sells for £1,115.

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