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Jewel of the day: Annie Costello Brown Mini Rain Earrings

These sterling silver shoulder duster earrings (they are four inches long) by Annie Costello Brown pack quite the punch. Three strands of half circles give them an almost wind chime look, though if they tinkle like wind chimes, that would probably drive me a little bit crazy. But, as the saying goes, you have to suffer to be beautiful. No?

These sell for USD$295 at Net-A-Porter.



Jewel of the day: ABC Matissey Earrings

These cutout earrings resemble the Matisse collages, only rendered in silver. (Though the description notes that the artist works in bronze… worth checking out if you are interested in purchasing.)

These are available from LA-based accessory designer Clare V. and made by Annie Costello Brown. They retail for USD$179.

ABC earrings


Jewel of the day: Annie Costello Brown Single Point Cuff

I like the minimalist yet still somewhat chunky nature of this design by Annie Costello Brown. It’s handmade bronze dipped in rose gold, made in Los Angeles.

This particular piece is available at Clare Vivier’s Silverlake store… I really love her bags, though I have yet to visit either the LA or NY boutiques. Next time!

This sells for USD $184 on Vivier’s site.

Annie Costello Brown Pointed Cuff

Jewel of the day: Annie Costello Brown Lineae Blades Necklace

There is something undeniable (and truly) fierce about a piece of jewellery into which blades are incorporated. This fabric, leather and bronze necklace by Annie Costello Brown definitely brings the fierceness with this Lineae necklace.

There are some days when you really do need a quiet weapon, something that makes you feel perhaps braver than you may really be. Interestingly, a lineae is a term that refers to a long, dark marking on the surface of a planet or moon. Which I can also see applying to the design in general. Intriguing piece, and on sale for USD $296 from $370; different coloured cords are available.

Annie Costello Brown necklace

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