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Jewel of the day: Audrey Hepburn Engagement Rings/Wedding Bands

Audrey Hepburn is revered to this day as a style icon, and with good reason. Her looks throughout the decades have been emulated and idolized and many (if not most) are still wearable today. When she married actor Mel Ferrer in 1954, he presented her with three stacking bands, one a white gold eternity set with 1.5 carats of baguettes, and faceted rose and yellow gold rings she could wear with it, or not, as she chose. These were untraditional choices for the time, when a solitaire (often complimented on either side with baguettes) was seen as the more popular choice. The stacking trend is huge today but in the 50s, not so much. As with much else style related, Hepburn was ahead of her time (or at least her then-fiance realized she was).

The photo below is the Daily Mail’s interpretation of the rings, with an estimate of today’s value. Provenance would, of course, make them much more valuable.


Jewel of the Day: Tiara Town Princess Diana Inspired Tiara

Happy New Year! This is pretty much the only occasion a grown woman has to sport a tiara and not look ridiculous (unless you are royalty – and even then sometimes); a pageant queen (ditto), or a drag queen wannabe (do I really have to say it), so have at it.

Tiara Town allows you to indulge your tiara love at commoner friendly prices. This piece is inspired by the Cambridge tiara made famous by Princess Diana (I wonder if the new Duchess of Cambridge will be gifted this at some point). It’s made with Austrian and Swarovski crystals and faux pearls, set in base metal. It sells for USD $88; Tiara Town also has special wedding, prom, pageant and other sections, and various tiara-related accessories. There are also celeb inspired pieces relating to Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, and Grace Kelly.

Diana Tiara


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