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Jewel of the day: Bibi van der Velden Baroque Pearl Claw Ring

Yes to pearls. Although being the klutz I am, I know I would probably knock this puppy right out of its setting. However, acknowledging this doesn’t prevent me from coveting it.

By Bibi van der Velden, the ring’s shank is set with diamonds, and the pearl itself is studded with tiny pieces of gold. This sells for €4,830.



Jewel of the day: Bibi van der Velden Rhino Ring

Studs have been a popular motif in clothing and accessories for a few years now. While a rhino horn is not strictly speaking the same kind of thing, it does look rather stud-like (speaking Valentino here, not sleazy bar dude) on this ring by Bibi van der Velden. It’s made of is made of sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, brown diamonds and polki diamonds and sells for €3,070. If this interests you as a Christmas gift, take note that there is a 30 day delivery period.



Jewel of the day: Bibi van der Velden Scarab Necklace

Scarab (beetle) themed jewellery has been popular going back to the ancient Egyptians. The Victorians made the actual beetle carapace a trend in jewellery, but I tend to prefer my things insect free. Well, at least identifiable insect parts. But I do love the shimmery turquoisey-blue-green of the scarab beetle…

In this pretty piece, Bibi van der Velden uses the scarab itself, but for the “body” of the insect, she employs sterling silver, brown diamonds weighing .295 carats, rose gold and tsavorites. The pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain. It is available from Net-A-Porter for USD $2,625.

Bibi Van Der Velden Scarab Pendant

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