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Jewel of the day: Asymmetric Blue Topaz Aziza Earrings

It took a quick second to see the asymmetry in these earrings and I think it’s very clever. By Aziza and offered by Roseark, these are 14k white and rose gold London blue topaz stones surrounded by pave set diamonds.

These sell for USD$7,200.


Jewel of the day: Kiki McDonough Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings

British jeweller Kiki McDonough is a favourite of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. She has several pieces and I think she also favours blue topaz as a stone.

These earrings were recently worn on a solo visit she made to Luxembourg. They are cushion cut topazes with diamond halos set in 18k white gold. And unlike many of the pieces worn by royals, these can be yours if you have a spare £3,500. On the one hand, while I think it’s fine that Kate has her own style, it’s also a shame she hasn’t had more access to the royal jewel box. I know I’d want to be making best use of those pieces if allowed!

Jewel of the day: Judith Bright Dominique Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

Judith Bright works with a variety of semi-precious stones and attributes various metaphysical properties to each. This wrapped cuff is available in either 14k gold filled wire or sterling silver and is shown here with blue topaz, though it is also available with other stones. It sells for USD$458.

Judith Bright Wrapped Cuff

Jewel of the day: Carat Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

These earrings by Carat London are a pretty, affordable alternative to classic diamond studs. And since September’s birthstone is sapphire … well, blue.

OK, so these are set with .45 carat blue topazes in sterling silver, accented with cubic zirconia. I’m a September baby and I’d be happy to wear them in place of sapphires. They sell for GBP140.00.

Carat Blue Topaz Earrings

Jewel of the day: Strawberry Wood Collar of Skies Blue Topaz Necklace

Strawberry Wood, billing itself as a bespoke jeweller, offers a suite of pieces under the name Collar of Skies: this blue topaz necklace, and matching earrings.

The site notes, “Over four hundred and fifty carats of blue topaz in white gold settings with a silver chain comprise this beautiful Collar of Skies necklet. White gold/blue topaz ear-rings complete this big bold statement suite of jewellery.”

There is no noted price. Strawberry Wood is in the UK and can be contacted here.

Strawberry Wood blue topaz necklace


Jewel of the day: Kalan 14k Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

I like the fact that these 14k gold stud earrings by Kalan are not shy and retiring. Measuring 8 x 8 mm, they have presence on the ear (a good thing for women with long or curly hair).

The faceted cut gives these blue topaz studs a lot of sparkle, and at USD $500, they are a decent value. Available online from Fragments.

Kalan 14k Blue Topaz Stud earrings

Jewel of the day: Suzanne Felsen pyrite ring

There is nothing like a rock.

This ring by Suzanne Felsen is set with an 11.68 rose cut pyrite, surrounded by cabochon cut blue topaz weighing a total of 2.2 carats, set in 18k white gold. The ring is available for USD $2,575 on her website.

The ring is part of Felsen’s fine jewellery collection, which features innovative and colourful stone pairings and cuts.

Suzanne Felsen pyrite ring

Jewel of the day: Jewelista gold, jade and blue topaz drop earrings

I did a double take when I saw these, as I own a pair of drop earrings quite similar to these which were owned by my mother. I thought they were jade; they turned out to be dyed onyx drops hanging from a brushed yellow gold French back closure.

These pretties are blue topaz with green jade, set in 18k yellow gold. They are available for USD $1200 from the Jewelista site. And they make me want to dig out my mom’s pair and wear them.


Jewel of the day: Kiki McDonough blue topaz and diamond earrings

British designer Kiki McDonough is a favourite of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. She has a pair of her topaz and diamond stud earrings and has been photographed several times, most recently at a function for the London 2012 Olympics) wearing these hoop earrings.

I’m a fan of the blog, as they break down Kate’s various looks and, as it turns out, many come from affordable chain stores and designers. I really like that Kate recycles what she wears because it shows a sense of confidence and style to pair things with different outfits and always look polished. I’m sure if I had access to some of the jewels she can borrow, it would be tempting to go overboard, even at occasions which may warrant more. But she appears to stay true to the style she had before marrying William.

These earrings are not on McDonough’s web site, but many other blue topaz and diamond pieces are, and the prices are reasonable.

UK Press Association; What Kate Wore

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