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Jewel of the day: Carolina Bucci 15 Strand Lazy Lucky Bracelet

Carolina Bucci is perhaps best known for the tie them yourself single strand bracelets (and frankly, I could never figure out how those were supposed to stay on). This has a clasp, making things easier and more obvious.

This one is in a colour way she has dubbed ocean, fitting for its blues and greens. Her site notes, “The Lucky Bracelet is Carolina Bucci’s take on the classic cotton friendship bracelets of her childhood. The Lazy Lucky bracelet is for those who wish to get the look of layered Luckys without having to tie each bracelet.  18k yellow, white, pink, black or brown gold diamond-cut chain, hand braided with set combinations of silk and finished with a two-pronged clasp, these bracelets feature 15 Lucky strands. This bracelet is meant to be worn alone or layered with any of our Lucky bracelets. Each bracelet is approximately 17cm long, and can be made to your desired length if required. Please note that each piece is made by hand, resulting in slight variations in length.”

This sells for £6,530.


Jewel of the day: Leah Alexandra Fling Moonstone Cuff Bracelet

I always think of a cuff as being a fairly substantial piece of arm candy but this is a delicate open bangle. By Leah Alexandra, it’s meant to be stacked and lends itself well to that style. It’s set with moonstones at either open end, and is gold plating over brass.

This sells for USD$170.


Jewel of the day: She Bee Rainbow Petal Bracelet

This is a really pretty piece at an affordable price. By She Bee, it is “a rainbow of sapphire petals set in sterling silver with a black rhodium plate and a round bezel set tourmilated quartz accented with 18k yellow gold on a hinge bracelet finished with a hook and eye closure. Measurements: 2.5″ width, 1.5″ opening.”

It sells for USD$360.


Jewel of the day: Melanie Georgacopoulos Mother of Pearl Bracelet

If pearls are seen as stuffy and conservative, mother of pearl is often seen as its cheap, sleazy cousin. But here, mother of pearl is used to excellent effect in a necklace set in 18k white gold and fastened with a South Sea pearl.

By Melanie Georgacopoulos, this is a sharp contemporary piece that makes elegant use of its materials. What more could you ask for? About the designer (who is now in charge of designs for Tasaki), who describes her aesthetic as, “challenging ideas about classic pearl jewellery. Here she set to capture the elemental quality of this organic, precious stone and to reinvest it with modern meanings far removed from tradition. Since then she has been exploring the endless aesthetic possibilities that the pearl can provide as jewellery. Her work constantly defies convention, bringing the pearl to the domains of art and high fashion, whilst retaining its quality as a wearable accessory.”



Jewel of the day: Marteau Turkmen Silver Armband

This antique piece of Turkmen silver, an armband, looks fresh and contemporary though it is circa 1890. It is sold by NY-based Marteau for USD$545. They note, “The mountain ram is a sacred animal to the Turkmen and its horns are frequently used in rituals, you can see the curled horn motif throughout this bracelet. With the help of the ram, this cuff harnesses supernatural power for a look, and a feeling that unearthly.”

It measures 7″ interior circumference, with a 1″ opening, and is 3.25 ” high.


Jewel of the day: Army of Rokosz Perchance To Dream Ouroboros Bangle

Vancouver-based Army of Rokosz has a vaguely Goth, somewhat tribal look to its jewelry. Here, a bangle in the form of a creature that looks serpent-like eating its tail (a not uncommon motif in jewelry). The site notes, “Made from solid sterling silver or bronze, this ouroboros wraps its self around your wrist with the planetary symbols etched into its back. The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of constant recreation, while the planetary symbols are derived from a combination of the symbols for Spirit, Soul and Matter. Please note: this bracelet is currently only available in size SMALL ”

Currently sold out, so no price available but worth contacting the designer if you are interested.


Jewel of the day: Mishky Beaded Blue Bracelet

Mishky allows women to support their families as they learn jewelry design and manufacture. They explain, ” Mishky supports women and children by accessing families in need thorugh numerous Foundations. With “mi mama para mi” (My mom for me), Mishky trains women of low income áreas to become expert artisans. Teaching techniques and improving skills, allows them to work from home, generate revenue, and provide their children with attention, support, and parent guidance that they so much need. Mishky´s mothers working for “Mi mama para mi” provide an honorable living for their families, instilling in their children the concept of working with dignity and ethics. With every (1) hour of work from home, one (1) Mishky bracelet is produced and one or more kids enjoy more time with their mother, learning, studying and sharing love.

This seed bead bracelet sells for USD$123.50.



Jewel of the day: Susan Alexandra Guggenheim Bracelet

New York-based Susan Alexandra photographed this Guggenheim bracelet with candy allsorts and it’s easy to see the connection. Or as she describes it on her site, “Graphic shapes swimming over a milky sea of magic.Inspired by that neato Frank Lloyd Wright building. You know the one that looks like a Devo hat?”

Her jewelry is bright and fun and meant to bring a smile to your face. Alexander hand paints her pieces, which are made of brass and acrylic.

This sells for USD$74.


Jewel of the day: Retro Ruby and Diamond Slide Bracelet

This beautiful retro period bracelet still has a fresh and contemporary look to it. Offered by Lang Antiques they explain, “This chic and gorgeous bracelet from the glamorous 1940s is inadvertently modeled – although supremely modernized – on the classic slide bracelets from the late 19th century. Four platinum, diamond and ruby sections gently ‘slide’ over three 18K yellow gold snake bracelets which terminate in a platinum diamond clasp. A truly superb and versatile, high-quality and high-caliber Retro masterpiece with Art Deco influence. Glorious!”

That it is. This sells for USD$24,000.


Jewel of the day: Fred Paris Force 10 Bracelet

The Fred Paris Force 10 Bracelet is quite similar to the Cartier Love bracelets with silk cord. These by Fred are available with different bands and buckles (enamel, diamond set, etc.).

The Fred site notes it is available as a “medium model yellow gold and half paved white diamonds buckle and cable. 14 white diamonds brilliant cut: 0,12 carat / GVS.”

This sells for 1750€.



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