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Jewel of the Day: Jacob & Co x Kanye West Madonna and Child Pendant

This item is available at Paris’s Colette, which shocked the fashion world a few weeks ago by announcing that they are closing later this year. But the store and site are going strong for now, and you can find the Jacob & Co./Kanye West collaboration there.

They describe this piece as, “Madonna and Child” Medallion Necklace, 18K yellow gold, large size. colette welcomes the collaboration between Jacob Arabov and Kanye West. The 18K gold collection draws from 14th century Florentine art such as Donatello’s base-relief portraits, and evoke a certain classical romance.”

This is selling for $16,839.68$14,033.07 less French VAT.


Jewel of the day: Sabine Getty Memphis Wiggly Bracelet

Well, this is fun. Sabine Getty’s bracelet, dubbed Memphis Wiggly at Colette (which sells it) looks more to me like an octopus than anything related to the Memphis design movement. It’s made of 18k yellow gold and nearly 30 karats of blue topaz. If it was in stock (you can ask to be notified when it comes in again) it would set you back €15,400 (good news: non Europeans pay only €12,833.33 as it’s less the VAT).

A bit about the line: Sabine Getty is a jewelry line based in London, and founded by Swiss born Lebanese-Egyptianjewelry designer Sabine Ghanem. Growing up between Geneva, Beirut and the South of France, the designer studied theatre and opera before switching to gemology. Inspired from Italian postmodern art collective the Memphis Group, the collection shows crayola-colored topaz pieces with a contemporary feel that will be adored by the fashion sphere.

Sabine Getty Memphis Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Aurelie Bidermann Bianca Hoop Earrings

I don’t know if these earrings by Aurelie Bidermann are intended as a quiet homage to Bianca Jagger but they certainly evoke the early 80s. I tend to think of Jagger as being in her heyday in the 70s, so perhaps not…

These are, however, big and bold. And gold – ish… likely plated. In its charming French way, website Colette describes them merely as “golden metal, silver and golden mirror. Size: XL” Yes, indeed. They are large.

These sell for €450.

Aurelie Bidermann earrings

Jewel of the day: Atelier Paulin Maman Bracelet

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. It’s too late to get this as a gift this year, but they will be mothers all year long sooooo… Plus, mother just sounds more chic in French. So there.

Available from Paris’s Colette, it is made with gold plated brass. By Atelier Paulin, it sells for €130.

Atelier Paulin Maman Bracelet


Jewel of the day: Lauren X Khoo Sapphire Star Bracelet

Again, here is a piece that has the insouciance of costume jewellery but is most definitely real. Witness the €22,000 price tag.

That’s because it’s set with nearly 22 carats of multicoloured sapphires, set in 18k white gold.

Designer Lauren Khoo was, according to the Colette web site, “Born in Singapore to a Chinese family, designer Lauren Khoo lives between New York and Hong Kong. After studying, art and architecture, she earned a gemologist and goldsmith degree and before finally launching her eponymous label. Lauren’s lifelong love of fine and intricate handcrafted jewelry was cultivated as a child during time spent with her grandmother, an avid jewelry collector. Her jewelry is about timeless evocative design, impeccable artisanship, creativity, originality and dedication to perfection. Her creations aim to combine the freshness and energy of the contemporary with the elegance of classics.”

Available from Colette Paris, it. (If ordering from outside the European Union, the VAT refund brings the price down to €18,750.)

Lauren X Khoo bracelet

Jewel of the day: Colette Purple Turquoise and Diamond Ring

Being unfamiliar with purple turquoise, I immediately headed for Google to try to find out more. I discovered that it can be a synonym for the semi-precious stone sugilite, that it can be a dyed and heat treated matrix mixed with a resin and red dye, allowed to set and then cut, or that there is actually a mystery stone called purple turquoise from the remote town of Copiopo, Chile.

The origins of the purple turquoise in this ring by Colette remain to be discovered. The large oval stone (1.63 inches long, set horizontally across the base of the finger) is set with and accented by .50 of diamonds, and set into 18k white gold. Available for purchase only online from Fragments, it is USD $6540.

Colette Purple Turquoise and Diamond ring

Jewel of the day: Gripoix and Catherine Baba Dragon necklace

Gripoix is renowned for the pate de verre (poured glass) pieces they made for Chanel. Here, the house collaborated with stylist Catherine Baba, renowned for her personal take on fashion (and usually in a turban and heels … fascinating profile can be found at Gala Darling’s blog.

The collection is available at Paris’s Colette (and for online purchase, this necklace is should you have €2,250 (less if VAT is excluded on shipping).

Gorgeous piece.

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