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Jewel of the Day: Jacob & Co x Kanye West Madonna and Child Pendant

This item is available at Paris’s Colette, which shocked the fashion world a few weeks ago by announcing that they are closing later this year. But the store and site are going strong for now, and you can find the Jacob & Co./Kanye West collaboration there.

They describe this piece as, “Madonna and Child” Medallion Necklace, 18K yellow gold, large size. colette welcomes the collaboration between Jacob Arabov and Kanye West. The 18K gold collection draws from 14th century Florentine art such as Donatello’s base-relief portraits, and evoke a certain classical romance.”

This is selling for $16,839.68$14,033.07 less French VAT.


Jewel of the day: Stephen Webster x Tracy Emin More Passion Ring

Jeweller Stephen Webster and artist Tracy Emin have collaborated on a line available exclusively at Net-A-Porter. The site notes, “Inspired by her neon light installations, Tracey Emin and fine jeweler Stephen Webster have joined forces to create a collection that reflects Emin’s emotional character. This 18-karat gold ring has been handcrafted in London and features 0.93-carats of pavé diamonds that spell out ‘More Passion’ – a key slogan from the artist’s exhibitions.”

This sells for USD$6,300.Stephen Webster more passion

Jewel of the Day: Jennifer Fisher x Stop it Right Now Ring

Jennifer Fisher has designed a capsule collection of three items with Stop It Right Now blogger, Jayne Min. Here, a ring, gold dipped brass with an intriguing unfinished space.

It sells for USD$100 from Fisher’s site.

Jennifer Fisher Stop it Right Now Ring

Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Rocks Bracelet for Rodebjer

This collaboration by Pamela Love and Rodebjer is available in brass and pyrite or quartz (shown here with pyrite).

The site notes, “The Rocks Cuff bracelet is an exclusive design for this collaboration. The cuff combines a sharp and clean shape with natural roughness. The juxtaposition of raw and finished features throughout the upcoming Spring Summer 2015 collection. This cuff is made of brass and pyrite. It is also available in a combination of brass and Quartz Druzy. Each piece of jewelry is hand made at the Pamela Love studio in New York City. Brass naturally oxidizes through contact with oxygen in the air, and by human touch. This process quickly gives the jewelry a patina that we love. You can wear it rough and unpolished, or you can use a brass polish cloth for more shine.”

The piece sells for €440.

Rodebjer Pamela Love Cuff

Jewel of the day: Osanna Visconti Di Modrone Ivy Bracelet

As usual when I’m hunting for jewellery, this is one I stumbled upon. A long cuff bracelet adorned with bronze ivy, it is by Osanna Visconti Di Modrone. The line is a mother and daughter collaboration (I want what they’re having, since their photos make them look more like sisters) based in Milan, where they also have an atelier.

You can also purchase online at (though this may only include housewares). The bracelet is cast using the lost wax technique; no price or dimensions are mentioned.

Osanna Visconti di Modrone

Jewel of the day: Skultuna’s Black Braided and Silver Lino Ieluzzi Bracelet

Swedish design firm Skultuna has a small but intriguing collection of jewellery. They recently collaborated with Milanese store owner Lino Ieluzzi to create a series of men’s accessories. The site notes, “Lino is a master of the Italian style known as Sprezzatura and he has become an international icon through countless appearances in leading fashion blogs and magazine articles. The Bracelets comes in two colors and the sterling silver cuff links comes in seven colors (azzurro, black, red, green, orange, violet and african violet), both features a large “7”, Lino’s favourite number.”

They also offer similar bracelets in different colours, and an interesting and somewhat offbeat men’s collection. This bracelet sells for 96 euro.

Skultuna Bracelet

Jewel of the day: VAWK Collective by Sunny Fong Leather Embossed Collar

Canadian designer Sunny Fong has embarked on his second collaboration with Ebay. Once again, he is offering clothing, accessories and jewellery. His jewellery items feature studs, so popular in Valentino’s Rockstud collection this fall, and just, well, perennially popular.

Here, a leather collar embossed with studs. It’s made of lambskin with an adjustable buckle closure in the back. Edgy without going over the edge, it sells for Cdn$79 and quantities are strictly limited.

Sunny Fong for Ebay leather collar


Jewel of the day: Deborah Pagani for Latest Revival 18k White Gold Knuckle Ring

In yet another collaboration, Deborah Pagani designed this diamond and emerald ring to help mark the one-year anniversary of Latest Revival.

The site boasts that it has 2.7 carats of emeralds, and .7 carats of grey diamonds. It is available only in size 6, so if your finger is broader then I guess it will be a knuckle ring; if not, a ring that fits at the base of the finger.

It can be yours for USD $5192.

Deborah Pagani for Latest Revivan ring

Jewel of the day: Isabel Marant Buffalo Bones Bracelet

Hipster designer of the moment Isabel Marant launched her H&M collaboration collection yesterday. I avoided it, having nearly been trampled at the Stella McCartney/H&M opening day a few years back. My lust for cheap designer duds was eclipsed by my desire to stay alive to wear them. The stampede ain’t worth it. I also don’t have to suffer the aggravation of seeing most of the items show up six seconds later on Ebay for quadruple the price. Though apparently items from this collection are already up for bid there. Go figure.

In the event you felt likewise and did not brave the bargain-hunting hordes, here is an Isabel Marant bracelet for your consideration. Made with buffalo bone beads set with what looks like rhinestones, with brass links, it is €120 at Yes, it’s more expensive than something from her H&M collection but at least you won’t have to worry about being mowed down to get it.

Isabel Marant buffalo bones bracelet

Jewel of the day: Vawk for Ebay collar and cuff #VAWK4Ebay

Vawk is the creative genius of Canadian designer Sunny Fong. He has had his own line since  2004 and is based in Toronto. In 2009, he became the winner of the second (and final) season of Project Runway Canada.

Fong is known more for his clothing than for accessories but for this collaboration with Ebay, his capsule collection includes several. The main piece is a really great black dress, which can be accessorized with a matching capelet, two scarves with a similar black and white print, and the fox trimmed lizard embossed collar and cuff seen below. (The collection also includes a skinny leather tie.)

The vaguely BDSM look of the collar and cuff take away from what could be a Mary Poppins vibe coming from the capelet. All the pieces are limited-edition. The collar will sell for Cdn $79, with the cuff going for $59. The collection will be available on with fixed Buy it Now prices from August 12-September 15, or while quantities last.

Vawk Lizard Embossed Collar with Fox Fur

Vawk Lizard Embossed Cuff with Fox Fur

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