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Jewel of the day: Lang Antiques Brown Diamond Bow Ring

As coloured diamonds go, brown stones are probably seen as less desirable than their pink, blue or green cousins. I think yellow to brown coloured diamonds have an intrinsic warmth that adds something special.

This ring, from Lang Antiques, is described as, “A sparkling white diamond bow is knotted in the center with a bright and beautiful, natural brown oval-cut diamond weighing 1.22 carats in this fun and fabulous estate jewel, hand-fabricated in platinum. The striking and scintillating ‘cognac’ colored center stone is accompanied by a GIA Diamond Grading Report stating: Natural, Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown, Even color – VS1 clarity. A dazzling and distinctive engagement or right-hand ring. Currently ring size 6.”

It sells for USD$$4,750.


Jewel of the day: The Pink Star Diamond

Pink diamonds have always been a rarity (as are other naturally coloured diamonds) but they really became lodged in the public’s imagination when Jennifer Lopez received a pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. That didn’t go anywhere and in fact, the initial sale of this diamond a few years ago also fizzled when the buyer couldn’t come up with the nearly $88 million asking price. The seller left happy, as Sotheby’s had guaranteed a $60 million hammer price, which was paid out regardless of the incomplete sale.

This stone is back on the block (somewhat like JLo herself) and will once again go under the Sotheby’s hammer, this time on April 4 in Hong Kong. Sotheby’s explains, ”

Meticulously cut by Steinmetz Diamonds over a period of nearly two years – a process in which the 132.50 carat rough was cast in epoxy more than 50 times in order to create models upon which the design team could experiment with different cuts -it was transformed into this spectacular 59.60 carat, fancy vivid pink, internally flawless oval cut gem – the largest internally flawless or flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded.

The diamond was first unveiled to the public in May 2003 as the ‘Steinmetz Pink’, and was modelled by Helena Christensen at a dedicated event thrown to coincide with the Monaco Grand Prix. Writing in the Financial Times on the 31 May 2003, Mike Duff described the diamond as “the rarest, finest, most precious stone the world has ever seen”. The stone was first sold in 2007 and was subsequently renamed “The Pink Star”. In the same article, Tom Moses, Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer of the GIA, is quoted as saying: “it’s our experience that large polished pink diamonds – over ten carats – very rarely occur with an intense colour… The GIA Laboratory has been issuing grading reports for 50 years and this is the largest pink diamond with this depth of colour [vivid pink] that we have ever characterised”.

Of all fancy coloured pink diamonds, those graded ‘Fancy Vivid’ are the most precious and desirable. The current world auction record for a pink diamond is the Graff Pink, a superb 24.78 carat diamond which sold at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2010 for US$46.16 million. Weighing in at 59.60 carats and graded as Fancy Vivid, the Pink Star is twice the size.

In the summer of 2003, this amazing gem was exhibited at ‘The Splendor of Diamonds’ exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Displayed in the Winston Gallery alongside the 45.52 carat blue Hope Diamond, the exhibition featured seven of the world’s rarest and most extraordinary diamonds. Also on view for the first time in the United States was the 203.04 carat De Beers Millennium Star, one of the largest diamonds in the world; the Heart of Eternity blue diamond; the Moussaieff Red, the largest known red diamond in the world; the Harry Winston Pumpkin Diamond; the Allnatt, one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds at 101.29 carats; and the Ocean Dream, the world’s largest naturally occurring blue-green diamond.

Commenting at the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Jeffrey Post, curator of the Gems and Minerals Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History said, “Each of the diamonds is the finest of its kind and together with the museum’s gem collection makes for an exhibit of truly historic proportions”. In the three months the exhibition ran, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History attracted more than 1.6 million visitors.

From July through November 2005, The Pink Star again took centre stage, this time at the ‘Diamonds’ exhibition held at the Natural History Museum, in London. “This exhibition will bring together many of the most impressive single stones in the world, fascinating science, and insights into the diamond industry to tell the story of diamonds from deep in the Earth to the red carpet,” said Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum. For five months, the dazzling exhibition attracted approximately 70,000 visitors a day.”

The estimate is available upon request.

Jewel of the day: 66Mint Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Though 66Mint touts itself as a destination for vintage pieces, this lovely ring looks fairly contemporary to me. There is nothing in the description to indicate otherwise, I don’t think: “Natural fancy yellow marquise cut diamond for 1.04ct, accented by 34 round brilliant cut diamonds for a total approximate weight of 0.36cts in an exclusive platinum and 18Kt yellow gold Sebastien Barier custom design ring. The color in this natural fancy diamond is evenly distributed. The ring is a size 6.75 and weighs 3.8 grams. GIA report #6157800718 is included.”

Jewel of the day: Cindy Chao and Sarah Jessica Parker Ballerina Butterfly Brooch

This spectacular brooch is a collaboration, a fundraiser, and a jewelled ballerina in butterfly form. Designed by Taiwanese jeweller Cindy Chao, with input from Sarah Jessica Parker, it is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s October 7 in Hong Kong to benefit the New York City Ballet.

I encourage you to read the entire article (written by renowned jewellery writer Vivienne Becker), but here is a snippet describing the genesis of the piece: “It had to be light yet strong, like a ballerina, with dynamic yet graceful movement, and a powerful yet whimsical silhouette, evoking a tutu, with all the spirit of Parker’s inimitable style. Titanium, light and strong but notoriously intransigent to work with, was chosen for the body along with gold for fluidity, a sophisticated, emotively exquisite palette of fancy brown and coloured diamonds, textural contrasts between brilliant cuts and rough diamond slices, all accented with three conch pearls. The pearls, explains Chao, were Parker’s suggestion, to inject a note of soft but striking pink, of her hallmark femininity. The gem colours were also inspired by personal concepts, such as the birthstones of Parker’s children.”

The pre-auction estimate is HK$6,000,000– 7,500,000 (approximately USD $774,000-967,000) plus buyer’s premium.

Sotheby's Ballerina Butterfly Brooch 2

Sotheby's Ballerina Butterfly Brooch

Jewel of the day: Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet

There are a lot of pretty pictures on the Jewellery Theatre website, but a sad lack of actual information.

This  charming bracelet, dubbed the Caravaggio, is made with coloured diamonds and variously coloured sapphires, and tsavorites. You can find the stone weight here. You won’t find the karat fineness or price, alas. Jewellery Theatre was founded in Russia and has several European boutiques. I’m presuming they would be familiar with the missing details.

Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet


Jewel of the day: Michael Tracy dragonfly earrings

These stunning earrings are more than a statement piece; they’re an entire bank account. But oh so worth it!

Made of tsavorite, blue, yellow and cognac diamonds, these dragonflies by Michael Tracy can take wing on your ears for USD $75,ooo. Available from Stanley Korshak.

Jewel of the day: Yasuko Azuma diamond tiny disc necklace

Coloured diamonds are very pretty but often out of reach price-wise. This sweet and small (1/4 of an inch) sterling silver necklace by Yasuko Azuma  is set with eight round brilliant cut diamonds. The blackened metal of the sterling disc really sets them off nicely; comes with a 16 inch chain and is available from Palas Jewelers for USD $295.

Jewel of the day: Parade Reverie multicoloured diamond and black gold band

Coloured diamonds have become very popular in recent years. The craze for pink was kicked off by the engagement bauble Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez (seems like forever ago) and LeVian has popularized brown and “chocolate” diamonds. Natural coloured diamonds are quite rare, and as a result, quite expensive, particularly colours like blue, pink, red and green. Those in the brown and yellow tones tend to be somewhat less, but only somewhat.

Parade offers its Reverie Noir line with yellow, brown and cognac stones set in black gold. The darker metal really sets off the stones. Available starting at USD $7550.

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