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Jewel of the day: Bex Rox Chain on Chain Cuff

Chains and links are a staple in jewelry design. In this bracelet by Bex Rox, multiple chains are used to create a cuff.

They note, “Composed of 24k yellow gold plated chains interwoven with fine silver plated chains and fastened with a 24k yellow gold plated signature magnetic clasp.”

This sells for £327.

Jewel of the day: Debra Adelson Tidal Pool Cuff Bracelet

Jeweller Debra Adelson specializes in pieces which incorporate glass, to lovely effect. This Tidal Pool Bracelet has carved glass as its centrepiece, set in sterling silver and accented with white topaz stones. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Contact Adelson re price and other for sale items.


Jewel of the day: Leah Alexandra Fling Moonstone Cuff Bracelet

I always think of a cuff as being a fairly substantial piece of arm candy but this is a delicate open bangle. By Leah Alexandra, it’s meant to be stacked and lends itself well to that style. It’s set with moonstones at either open end, and is gold plating over brass.

This sells for USD$170.


Jewel of the day: Zoe Chicco Pave Line Knife Edge Cuff

This is a pretty alternative to better known gold bracelets/cuffs/bangles (yeah, Love bracelet, I’m looking at you). By Zoe Chicco, it has an undulating line of small pave diamonds (.53 carats) across the knife edge of the thin 14k yellow gold cuff. It measures 5mm wide and sells for USD$4,100.



Jewel of the day: Aurelie Bidermann Gunmetal Lace Cuff

Available from, this large bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann looks more delicate because of the “lace” pattern in the metal.

There is no info about the material used or the dimensions (because why would you want to know those things, right?), but Bidermann does costume jewellery, so I will assume it’s silver plated base metal. This sells for USD$845.



Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Inlay Cross Cuff Bracelet

Pamela Love’s Inlay Cross Cuff bracelet echoes Native American pieces in its use natural stone, and the overall shape and design. In this iteration, she is using jasper in what she calls a windowpane motif. With a sterling silver setting, the bracelet measures 6mm to 1cm band width, 13cm from end to end. It’s available at Barneys for USD$600.


Jewel of the day: Mia Hebib Beak Cuff

If you are looking for gift ideas, I highly suggest checking out The site has a lovely array of items, including  fine art, decor, fashion and accessories.

This bracelet by Mia Hebib is made of gold plated brass that has been given a patina; it sells for USD$285.


Jewel of the day: Saint Laurent Monogram Cuff

Maybe because two of the YSL initials are in my own name, but I don’t actually find this monogram bracelet logo-obnoxious. In fact, it’s a pretty clever way to use the designer’s initials in an accessory. Though I notice that although Yves is now referred to solely as Saint Laurent, but obviously they needed the Y to give the design a bit of oomph.

This is made in black enamel coated brass and available for USD$695 at the YSL (SL?) website.


Jewel of the day: Sweetie’s Memorable Gemz Antique Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

This lovely antique bracelet on offer from Ruby Lane‘s Sweetie’s Memorable Gemz is evocative of Hungarian and Czech pieces from the turn of the last century.

The seller explains, “The bracelet is not marked 14 Kt. but it has been acid tested by two different jewelers who confirmed it is 14 kt. gold.  Purchased over 50 years ago from a European jeweler that carries exclusively antique, estate and noble jewels. Handmade in the very early 1900’s by a European goldsmith whose skill at creating this hand pierced, not machine pierced, bracelet is evident in the creation of both an oval inner pierced gold layer and domed pierced outside gold layer. It is a work of art and one of a kind.  The bangle bracelet has a pin hinge on side (not spring) and tongue with press down clasp that closes with a loud click, also a safety chain measuring 2-1/2″ long with spring ring that opens if necessary. The bracelet opening is 2-1/4″ wide allowing plenty of room to fit a hand through.  Total weight 42.6 grams.  Inside measurement across from hinge to clasp is 2-1/4″.  Top to bottom inside measurement 1-7/8″ high.  Inside circumference measures approximately 6-1/4″.  Width at center front 18mm with 11mm dome profile.  Tapers down to 9mm wide with a 6mm dome profile at center back.

As a point of reference, my wrist measures 7-1/2″ and the bracelet is approximately 1/2″ too tight. It should fit a small to medium wrist, but not a large size wrist.

There are a total 11 emerald cut emeralds, bezel set deep green with inclusions. They are not the color green of Colombian emeralds, nor are they pale color emeralds. With a magnifying glass I can see three of the emeralds, on the sides have a small chip in the corner. Overall that does not detract from the magnificence of this European handmade bracelet that was worn and greatly enjoyed for over 50 years.

The measurements of the 10 emeralds (5 on each side) are approximately 4mm, the center emerald is approximately 6mm. There are more than 90 round European cut white diamonds bezel and prong set measuring approximately 2mm-3mm with a bright sparkle.

The beauty of this antique bracelet is the highly detailed pierced design with scroll like leaves decorated and highlighted in black enamel.

Gold and gemstone jewelry will not be mailed outside the U.S.”

This sells for USD$2,375.


Jewel of the day: Line + Hue Capriccio Bracelet

There’s not much I can say about this piece, because the vendor, Roseark, doesn’t actually tell you much about it. It has a funky 70s vibe to me, when shades of brown and orange and avocado were king. Under details, they give you a concise (terse?) description: 14k Rose Gold Capriccio Agate and Diamond bracelet. Having said that, the designer’s own website is equally uninformative.

The piece sells for USD$14,760 for the 70s nostalgic (price excepting) among you.


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