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Jewel of the day: Edwardian Paste Pendant

Though I started my collection with costume dress clips, I soon became fascinated by the sterling and paste pieces popular in Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.Though the stones may be glass (generally) the workmanship is very fine and the look tends to be convincingly of the periods depicted.

This Edwardian pendant is a good case in point. It is sterling silver set with clear crystals and one blue cushion cut stone in the centre, accented with pearls. It sells for USD$155 from Etsy seller br2too.

Jewel of the day: Bentley & Skinner Edwardian Diamond Tiara

Nothing says aristocracy quite like a tiara. This one is Edwardian, and offered for sale by London-based Bentley & Skinner. They describe it as, “An Edwardian diamond tiara, with foliate swags and floral motifs graduating from the centre, set with old brilliant-cut and rose-cut diamonds estimated to weigh a total of 8 carats, all to a yellow gold mount with detachable frame, (convertible into a necklace or coronet), circa 1900, gross weight 69.68 grams.”

Should you have a glam, tiara appropriate event to attend (though you could just wear it as a necklace), this will set you back£46,500.

Jewel of the day: Carved Jadeite Platinum Drop Earrings

Not sure why, but green stones don’t do it for me. (No, not even if you gave me an emerald.) But I could make an exception for these stunning jadeite earrings, which the seller, Great Britain’s George Pragnell, estimates as being from 1900-1910. (Given how delicate Edwardian jewellery looked, my thinking would be slightly later, but no marks are listed in the description.)

This sells for USD$$21,891.48.


Jewel of the day: AntiqueSparkle Opal Ring

Etsy seller AntiqueSparkle says this would make a great engagement ring, and though I can see that, I think it’s the rare bride to be today who would want this for that purpose.

However, it is a very lovely, delicate ring. The setting is quite fine/light, and given that it was made in 10k gold, I’m guessing it was the Edwardian version of affordable bling. I like 10 and 14k gold because it’s hardier than higher content gold, which may explain why this piece has survived since roughly 1910.

The seller notes, “This exquisite ring features two intensely aqua hued opals and two small rose cut diamonds set in an ornate 10K yellow gold Edwardian setting. The opals are genuine to the ring, so they show some wear when viewed under a loupe but this softness to the stones and warmth to the ring. Size 5. Can be re-sized within reason for an extra charge.”

It sells for USD$465.

AntiqueSparkle opal ring

Jewel of the day: Antique Opal, Diamond and Demantoid Garnet Necklace

I love the exuberance of this piece, which exemplifies the flounces and furbelows style of late Victorian/early Edwardian pieces. It’s like more is definitely more. In this case, the opal heart would have been enough, but it’s crowned with the diamond set bow. And then the strands of demantoid garnets holding diamond swags.

Seller Lang Antiques explains, “Late-Victorian/early-Edwardian romance and refinement emanate from this exquisite fin de siècle jewel, highlighting a splendid, multi-chromatic, heart-shaped opal secured in a golden bezel setting framed by glittering rose-cut diamonds set in darkened silver over gold. The enchanting gemstone is crowned by a classic natural pearl-centered bow motif and surmounts an articulated double garland further enlivened by bright lime-green demantoid garnets. Possibly French, English or Russian, although no hallmarks are extant. This rare and breathtaking jewel measures just shy of inches high by 1 and 1/8 inches wide and suspends from what appears to be its original 16-inch silver chain.”

The opal weighs 2.25 carats; there are 131 rose cut diamonds weighing 1 carat; and 10 demantoid garnets weighing .20 points. It’s believed the pearl at the top is natural, given the age of the piece. It sells for USD$9.875.

Antique Opal Diamond Demantoid Garnet Necklace

Jewel of the day: Josie and Perri Antique Pendant Necklace

I came across this delightful pendant on Etsy and paused when I saw that the booth owners, Josie and Perri, described it as antique. “It’s Edwardian,” I thought. And then realized with a start that yes, Edwardian is now considered antique (as in 2014-100 years…)

This is one of my favourite jewellery periods. The designs are lighter, mimicking the use of platinum and diamonds, and far more delicate than those favoured by the sombre Victorians.

The shop owners oxidized a sterling silver chain so that it would look more in keeping with the aged silver (unmarked, they say it could be silver plate) pendant, set with glass stones. This pretty piece sells for USD $118.

Josie and Perri Antique Pendant

Jewel of the day: Fred Leighton Edwardian Marquise Diamond and Ruby Ring

The marquise diamond cut has fallen out of favour in recent years, but this beautiful Edwardian ring offered by Fred Leighton shows just how alluring this cut can be.

Surrounded by rubies (the site says calibre cut but they look round cut to me) and rose cut diamonds in a platinum and gold scalloped setting, the centre diamond is 2 carats. Price is not mentioned.

Fred Leighton Edwardian Diamond Ring


Jewel of the day: Mallory Jewellers Antique Edwardian Necklet

Although I am easily seduced by the brash glamour of Art Deco pieces, there is something more quietly elegant seductive about Edwardian jewellery. That was the period when platinum began to be used to great effect, with the graphic beginnings of the Deco period found in the use of black materials, white metals, and the occasional bold accent colour.

This necklace, offered by British jewellers Mallory, is a nice amalgamation of both styles, really, with its pointed oval enamel links connecting to a seed pearl and diamond accented finial.

Available for £5,100; additional information available upon request.

Mallory Jewellers antique necklace

Jewel of the day: Tiffany Great Gatsby Savoy headpiece

Art Deco is one of my favourite jewellery and design periods (though I wouldn’t say no to something wonderful and Edwardian, either).

Tiffany got in some fantastic product placement by providing some of the showstopper jewels used in the most recent film remake of The Great Gatsby. This spectacular Savoy headpiece, made with freshwater pearls and just over 25 carats of diamonds set in platinum, ties with a ribbon. The central piece is detachable and can be worn as a brooch.

It is available by calling Tiffany customer service and can be yours for USD $200,000.

Tiffany Great Gatsby Savoy headpiece

Tiffany Great Gatsby Savoy headpiece2

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