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Jewel of the day: Kataoka Emerald Snowflake Necklace

This petite, delicate necklace lights up with diamonds and a centre set emerald. By Japan’s Kataoka, specs are “emerald 0.25 ct., diamond (total) 0.10 ct., chain: adjustable, 45 cm (18″) maximum length; pictured: 18k beige gold chain.” I’m not quite sure what beige gold is but it looks like it’s lighter than yellow gold but not as pale as white gold.

This sells for USD$2,980.


Jewel of the day: Moira Fine Jewellery Moghul Poppy Flower Head Brooch

This antique piece is a great use of enamel and gems. From Moira Fine Jewellery in the UK, it is plique a jour enamel, with a carved centre emerald set with a tiny diamond set design. For price and further details, contact the seller.

Jewel of the day: Kataoka Juniper Emerald Earrings

In the 80s and 90s I wore earrings so big, my husband called them ear plates. And he wasn’t far wrong. Now I’m much more inclined to opt for something like these delicate emerald drops by Kataoka.

They note, “A flash of green peeking through the snow, the first sign of spring. The Juniper Earrings feature vivid green emeralds sprinkled with bright white diamonds, set on a French hook for a subtle sway. Romantic, lively, and beautiful adornments.”

These are made in Japan of 18k gold, set with .30 ct emeralds and .10 ct diamonds; they are sold as a pair for USD$2,480.

Jewel of the day: Blue Nile Petite Ruby and Diamond Huggie Earrings

These pretty, sparkly earrings by Blue Nile truly do hug the ear lobe, but the rubies give enough colour that they don’t simply fade away due to their smaller size.

A half-inch in diameter, you can also opt for blue or pink sapphires or emeralds set in 14k white gold, and the price makes it easier to buy more than one: USD$495. So if you bought your mother an appliance for Mother’s Day today, (whomp, whomp, whomp) unless she asked for that, they ship expedited if amends need to be made.

Jewel of the day: Mineralogy Design Opal, Emerald and Diamond Bar Necklace

Theresa Cowan’s Mineralogy Design has a little bit for everyone. Some pieces use stones like Mojssanite for a diamond look at a much lower price, as well as druzy, semi-precious stones and recycled gold. The shop notes, “Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago metalsmith, Theresa Cowan. Inspired by an earth science class lecture on minerals, the collection began. Mineralogy creates unusual statement and heirloom quality pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of natural gems and minerals. Traditional metalsmithing techniques are used with an assortment of metals ranging from brass, silver, 14k gold fill, and solid 14k gold. The styles are produced in limited quantities, with each individual piece unique in its own aspects due to nature’s remarkable aberrations.”

This pendant is made with opal, emerald and diamond, set in 14k recycled gold. It sells for USD$518.


Jewel of the day: Ziva Jewels Emerald Necklace

This pretty necklace by Ziva Jewels showcases an emerald cut emerald surrounded by diamonds.

It features a 3/4 carat emerald cut emerald (6 x 4 mm) and 0.20 carat diamonds (G/SI1 quality) set in 14k white gold. The necklace measures 1/2″ across and sells for USD$3,495. The design is also available in ruby for $3,069 and sapphire for $2,850.

Ziva Emerald Necklace


Jewel of the day: Stephen Webster Gold Struck Crystal Haze Two Finger Ring

Rings spanning two or more fingers are quite the rage these days, in everything from inexpensive costume to find jewellery. This ring by Stephen Webster falls into the latter category. It features a faceted quartz green agate stone set in emeralds, green tourmalines and white diamonds. The band is 18k yellow gold.

It is available at Harrod’s for £8,950.

Stephen Webster Gold Struck Crystal Haze Two Finger Ring

Jewel of the day: Ara Vartanian Yellow and White Gold Emerald and Diamond Two Finger Ring

Speaking of pear shaped stones, this is a very cool way to wear one – as the focal point between two fingers in a two-finger ring.

This one, by Brazil’s Ara Vartanian, positions a pear shaped emerald on a double wide band accented with diamonds. It is made with both white and yellow gold (the favoured setting for emeralds.)

Ara Vartanian two finger ring


Jewel of the day: Ashley Pittman Kundi Multi-Stone Light Horn Cuff Bracelet

Horn is a really interesting jewellery material – it’s light, malleable, and lends itself to a lot of designs. Case in point: this bracelet by Ashley Pittman, set with emerald, sapphire, pink tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, and ruby in brass bezels. This collection uses natural horn carved by a women’s cooperative, fair-trade semi-precious gemstones, bronze and other materials indigenous to East Africa.

It’s available from Bergdorf Goodman and also comes in dark horn and different widths. This one sells for USD $1,350.

Ashley Pittman Multi Stone Horn Cuff



Jewel of the day: Lulu Frost Dearest Earring

Maybe it’s because I am apparently very stodgy by wearing a matched pair of earrings, but I find the new trend of selling single earrings for hefty prices to be something of a cash grab. I do appreciate that many people either have only one ear pierced, or like to mix and match what they have …. but paying big bucks for a single earring doesn’t sit well with me.

Here, Lulu Frost works a very old theme, that of Victorian acrostic jewellery, where the first letter of stone spelled out a secret message. “Dearest” was popular – diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz or turquoise. (To keep things more contemporary, Frost also offers pieces with stones that spell out cool and hot.) I didn’t realize Frost worked in gold, but this is 18k yellow gold set with precious and semi-precious stones.

It’s a six week made to order piece, and sells for USD $1,375.

Lulu Frost Dearest Earring

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