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Jewel of the day: Metropolitan Museum of Art Irises Glass Pendant

I love me some museum gift shop jewellery. This piece from New York’s famed Metropolitan Museum of Art takes a detail from a piece by Tiffany and renders it into a pendant hung from a brass chain. The museum notes, “This unique pendant reproduces a detail from Magnolias and Irises, a leaded–glass window made by Tiffany Studios about 1908. Its delicately rendered irises and magnolia blossoms form a frame around a winding river and distant hills.

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933), one of America’s most noted decorative artists, embodied the artistic spirit of the Gilded Age. Using his innovative opalescent Favrile glass, he achieved pictorial effects of unsurpassed subtlety and beauty. Our exclusive pendant is meticulously handcrafted in New York City.”

This piece sells for UsD$78.



Jewel of the day: Jess Panza Glacial Ring

Jess Panza specializes in glass, and this ring features a domed piece of pale green glass set into 14k yellow gold. Plus, you can opt for literally 127 different colours of glass. (Colour shown below is no. 118, Moonglow.) About the artist: Jess Panza is a Los Angeles-based jewelry and decorative objects designer who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She works out of a tiny studio in the derelict but soulful old bank district in downtown Los Angeles. when she is not at work, she is at home with her husband and their two young children in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

This sells for USD$165.


Jewel of the day: Debra Adelson Tidal Pool Cuff Bracelet

Jeweller Debra Adelson specializes in pieces which incorporate glass, to lovely effect. This Tidal Pool Bracelet has carved glass as its centrepiece, set in sterling silver and accented with white topaz stones. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Contact Adelson re price and other for sale items.


Jewel of the day: Matt Bezak Octopus Pendant

Matt Bezak does really cool work in glass; if you like Lalique pieces, you will be intrigued by these. Here, a pendant with a sterling silver bail and a piece of hand crafted glass in the stylized shape of an octopus.

Vendor Giving Tree Gallery notes, “Skillfully hand crafted using the lost wax technique, this fine leaded crystal glass pendant features dynamic irridescent coloring that changes color with every angle. The pendant is set in a heavy gauge of sterling silver and signed by the artist.”

It sells for USD$550.

A little bit more about the designer: Matt Bezak describes his glass animalia, botanical and wave jewelry pendants as, “an artistic expression.” Inspired by ideals held steadfast in Art Nouveau style, his work focuses on the harmony of natural forms and their structure. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the overall function and integrity of each item and the attention to every detail is nothing short of perfection. To create these beautifully detailed works of art, Matt utilizes an ancient technique called, “Lost Wax Glass Casting.” This process of casting glass consists of several steps that must be rigidly adhered to for success. With no room for error, the delicate process requires attention from the beginning wax stage to final etching. Bezak’s vision combines a sense of drama with a classic look that the viewer can personally connect with.


Jewel of the day: Lilien-Czech Aztec Sun Earrings

Swarovski has cleverly marketed itself as the premier name in rhinestone crystals, so it’s easy to forget that the Czech Republic has a storied history of its own when it comes to the production and use of glass in jewelry. (There’s a neat little article on the history of Czech and Bohemian jewelry here if you’d like to read more.)

These pretty earrings by Lilien-Czech are made with sparkling rhinestones set in base metal and measure 2.8 inches long. They sell for a modest USD$21.90. Interestingly, the company will also execute custom orders based on client requests. You can read more about that here.

Lilien Czech Aztec Sun Earrings

Jewel of the day: Suzanna Dai Khepri Earrings

These charming and lightweight earrings by Suzanna Dai are part of Oprah Winfrey’s annual “favorite things” issue. So although they are normally priced at USD $225, they have a special $155 price until December 31.

They are made of glass, acrylic, and resin stones. Earrings measure 2-5/8″ long x 1-1/4″ wide and have sterling silver posts. Because they are backed in black leather instead of set in metal, they are light and easy to wear. There are other colour combinations available.

Suzan Nadai Khepri Large Earrings


Jewel of the day: Metropolitan Museum of Art Memento Bracelet

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently running an exhibit on mourning attire, and so they are offering some “memento” pieces as part of their jewellery collection.

This bracelet is made of black glass mimicking the fossilized wood known as jet that was so popular during the extended mourning of Queen Victoria. The stones are set in gunmetal plated pewter. Interesting to observe how, throughout history, black was worn to denote mourning and today, “basic black” is just a stylish approach to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

This sells for USD $195; $175.50 for museum Metropolitan Museum Memento Bracelet.



Jewel of the day: Hipchik Splish Splash White Necklace

I saw this in person at a Club Monaco store and except for the price, really liked it. Club Monaco describes these as “stone beads” while online retailer Marissa Collections says they are glass. Each strand also has crystal set black beads. It’s a striking piece but at USD $340, I couldn’t pull the trigger. Perhaps you might?

Hipchik White Bead Necklace

Jewel of the day: Creationtwinne Royal Blue Necklace

Something tells me that if the Whos of Whoville were partial to jewellery, this is the kind they would favour. It’s fun and colourful and, well, springy and Who-like.

Made by Canadian (Quebec-based) Etsy seller Creationtwinne, it’s noted simply as being hand made with glass and pearls. And, I’m assuming wire or something else equally flexible. It sells for USD $45.

Creation Twinne necklace

Jewel of the day: Tommy Bahama Starfish Necklace

I had no idea that Tommy Bahama makes women’s jewellery. I’d always associated the brand with more tasteful Hawaiian type shirts and resort wear. So … go figure. They do.

This tasteful multi strand necklace has small charms scattered on it, with a nautical motif, as well as pave set rondelles. It is made with a stainless steel chain, glass stones, and gold plated metal chains; it measures 20 inches long. It sells for USD $138.

Tommy Bahama Starfish Necklace

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