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Jewel of the day: Gucci Pierced Heart Palm Cuff

Gucci has taken the best (and possibly the worst) of the 1970s and run with in their past few collections. This bracelet would have looked right at home in that decade. It’s made with base metal literally filled in with coloured seed beads in a pierced heart design. According to Gucci’s description, this is meant to actually be worn across the top of the hand (so much for typing … or using your fingers in a useful way): The pierced heart motif that is seen throughout the Spring Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection is reinterpreted as a palm cuff. This new fashion accessory fits over the hand and around the palm.”

This sells for USD$870. Lady of leisure status not included.

Oscars 2017: Dakota Johnson, they provide napkins #oscars #academyawards2017 #redcarpet

I think it’s a safe bet that Dakota Johnson will be on a lot of worst dressed lists tomorrow. For one thing, that frill (or is it a furbelow, and yes that’s a word and not a pun, though it kind of is) on her lap … someone should tell her napkins are provided at the Governor’s Ball. For another, the material looks like a cheap polyester creased mess. But no, it’s Gucci. Though it looks like a rejected costume from a Joan Crawford test shoot. Oh, and the jewels are Cartier. But the egregious everything else (and I haven’t even mentioned the flat hair. Oh wait, I just did) detract completely from the jewels. So now you know what it takes to upstage Cartier. A total lack of taste everywhere else.


Jewel of the day: Gucci Le Marche de Merveilles Ring

This 18k gold Le Marche de Merveilles ring by Gucci is a timeless snake/serpent design, set with a diamond. I’m personally a fan of Victorian snake pieces and something with a little less polish and shine to it.

Gucci describes it this way: Our pink gold serpent ring with a star cut diamond on the head and brilliant cut diamonds for the eyes.

They go on to note it has hand-set diamonds and engraved texture detail; no price is given but it appears it can be purchased online. I am guessing it’s meant to be worn on a non-ring finger as the smallest size is a 10 and it’s showing in the women’s category.

Gucci Merveilles Ring

Jewel of the day: Gucci Ring with Spikes and Beads

Gucci spring 2016 is a 1970s fantasy (or nightmare) on acid. It has a costume-y look to it that is the kind of thing you get when you pile velvet on brocade on beading on odd colour combinations on heavy textures. It’s as if Talitha Getty became part of Warhol’s Factory scene.

This costume jewellery ring is fairly restrained given what the clothing looks like. And as costume pieces go, it’s fun. It’s made of metal with a centre glass pearl embedded with spikes and multicoloured beads on the sides. This sells for USD$650 should you be dying to have something from this collection.

Gucci Ring with spikes and beads

Jewel of the day: Gucci Lion Head Ring

The 70s are here again, at least if Gucci’s current ad campaign is anything to go by. The splash page online features a model sitting on a mustard yellow couch wearing chunky high heeled loafers. I am guessing a game of Twister might be next on her agenda.

These Gucci rings also have a very 70s cocktail vibe. Made of base metal set with Swarovski crystals and glass pearls, they have a definite, “I am woman, hear me roar” vibe. Yours for USD$490. Because although corduroy bellbottoms seem indestructible, those 70s prices didn’t survive.

Gucci Lionhead ring


Amy Adams channels Grace Kelly. Jewelry 0-2.

Amy Adams looks perfectly proper in her deep blue Gucci gown. Supposedly, she is wearing jewellery by Tiffany. If you can spot it, please let me know the magnification of your telescope.

Amy Adams

Jewel of the day: Gucci Plexiglass Cuff

I think what I like most about this Gucci piece is its sheer chutzpah. Given the price (got USD $2690 to spare), the materials (Plexiglas and rhinestones set in brass, the heavy 80s borrowing that can probably be had at your local vintage shop, the in your face colour, it’s got a wealth of sheer gall going for it. (Well, and the fact that 80s is now considered vintage. I weep.)

There are probably a ton of rhinestone studded cuffs on Ebay, Etsy, and sites in between if this is the look you’re going for. it can be found for a lower (much lower!) price. But if it’s Gucci you’re after than this is your piece and it even comes with a discreet applique of the interlocking GGs on the bracelet so you can demonstrate your brand love.

Gucci lucite cuff

Thank you, Jennifer Garner

At last, a spectacular diamond (it seems) necklace to accompany the ubiquitous strapless dress, this time by Gucci. Jennifer Garner, whose husband Ben Affleck’s Argo is up for several Oscars tonight and a favourite to win Best Picture over Lincoln, looks polished and appropriate, also wearing a bracelet, earrings and matching ring.



Jewel of the day: Gucci gold horsebit bracelet

Gucci has a long equestrian history, something they are trying to leverage with the addition of new spokeswoman Charlotte Casiraghi. This simple and elegant 18k yellow gold bracelet using a horsebit motif is a chic and simple addition to a jewellery collection. Available for USD $5790 on the Gucci website.

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