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Jewel of the day: Lara Melchior Sautoir III Necklace

This high karat gold piece by Lara Melchior has the look of antiquity to it. The pendant is 24K yellow gold inset with diamonds, hung on an 18K gold chain.

This is a special order item; it sells for USD$1,886.


Jewel of the day: Reinstein/Ross Isabella Bracelet

Reinstein/Ross is unique in using not only high karat gold, but in hand working and colouring it in different hues. This piece is “20k peach gold and colorful sapphire beads. Can also be made in a plain gold version with a precious bead tassel. This is a Signature R|R piece.” The company will also work with your stones (or alter the stones in their designs) and their gold.

This piece sells for USD$1,500.

Jewel of the day: Yossi Harari Small Green Ostrich Cuff

Yossi Harari made his name using buttery high karat gold worked in Turkey. The pieces are often set with diamonds or accented with sterling silver. So this bracelet marks something of a departure from that style.

Stanley Korshak, who is selling this, describes it as ostrich but it looks like either alligator or croc to me. Nonetheless, the skin is handworked into the cuff form, and Harari uses .10 of blue diamonds and buttery 24k yellow gold. It measures 1½” wide by 2¼” in diameter and 5¾” around.

It sells for USD $4,640.

Yossi Harari Green Cuff

Jewel of the day: Jeweler on the Roof 22k Gold and Padparadscha Ring

There is something incredibly buttery about high karat gold. This ring by Etsy seller Jeweler on the Roof is described this way: This gorgeous ring was made using ancient methods and almost half an ounce of 22 karat gold. The glimmering red-orange, bezel-set faceted center stone is surrounded by tiny gold spheres and glows with a brilliant inner fire. Six lovely diamonds sparkle randomly around the ring.

Padparadscha is a gemstone from the Corundum or Sapphire family. Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow, except when a Sapphire is red it is called a Ruby and when it is orange-red it is called a Padparadscha. Natural, mined stones come from Sri Lanka and are quite rare and valuable.

This center stone, an affordable, lab-created Padparadscha, measures 5X7mm and is molecularly identical to a natural one. The granulation surrounding this exquisite center stone was created using an Etruscan metal-working technique and gives the ring a feeling of timelessness. Scattered around the shank of the ring are six tiny, brilliant cut, high quality 0.01ct diamonds. The inner surface of the shank is brightly polished, while the outer side has a bruised patina which completes the ancient look.

This lovely ring is the only one of its kind. It is a size 7.5 but can be resized about two sizes in either direction.”

Dang. It’s my size.

It sells for USD $2,850.

Jeweler on the Roof padparadscha ring


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