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Jewel of the day: Blossom Box Princess Choker Necklace

If you’re going to succumb to the choker trend, you may as well do it with some regal intent. This piece by Indian designer Blossom Box has a bit of a Mughal twist to its design: it’s gold plated with faux pearls and crystals, and is a one size fits all piece with an adjustable chain.

This sells for USD$150.



Jewel of the day: Gretchen Schields Vintage Peking Glass Bracelet

Gretchen Schields believes more is more, and that’s a philosophy to which I can happily subscribe. She describes this bracelet as having, “Chinese charms for long life and luck, Indian dieties to bind desire, precious stones to bank the rivers of chi – every wave of your hand spills stars into the air around you.”

You can find her designs on Etsy here.

Gretchen Schields Peking-Glasss-Bracelet-500

Jewel of the day: Sunita Shekhawat Meenakari Kundun and Diamond Pendant

I have a few pieces of Indian Mogul style jewellery and in general, I love the exuberance of Indian jewellery. This pendant by Sunita Shekhawat is made with two techniques: meenakari, (thank you Wikipedia) coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors decorated in an intricate design; and Kundan, a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount.

I love the soft pink of the beads on the “chain” holding the pendant, echoed in the lavender on the pendant itself. The blue, so like French blue enamel, takes on a more relaxed look than traditional European enamel.

There are no prices shown, but you can contact Shekhawat here.

Sunita Shekhawat Pendant

Jewel of the day: Lanvin Udaipur Cuff Bracelet

Lanvin uses a lot of fabric in their jewellery designs. They popularized the ribbon closures (and as someone with long hair, having a fabric bow poking through my hair in the back does not say elegant to moi), and use a lot of unconventional materials in their jewellery.

This Indian inspired cuff bracelet by Lanvin is made of viscose and cotton cord with a crystal paisley centrepiece. And hey, it fastens with a snap. Now just because these are some fairly pedestrian materials does not mean you are getting off cheap.  This bracelet will set you back €1,195. But, as I can almost hear Ab Fab’s Patsy and Eddie saying, “It’s Lanvin, darling!”

Lanvin cuff bracelet

Jewel of the day: Madyha Farooqui earrings

I spend a lot of time reading about and looking at jewellery. I remain perplexed as to why jewellers spend obvious time and money and effort building web sites … and then include absolutely no information about their designs and wares for sale.

Nothing about the materials the pieces are made or, prices or price ranges, or even links to retailers. Puzzling.

These are lovely, if mysterious earrings by Madyha Farooqui. I believe they are made of diamonds (other pieces appear to use the Indian technique of rough cut and polki diamonds set in gold plated silver. The centre stones may be tourmaline slices – difficult to tell. Pretty, if murky in terms of what they actually are.

Her artist’s statement notes, “Madyha Farooqui designs are notable for their daring combinations of color and texture, merging modern attitude with an updated traditional aesthetic. Her boldest pieces feature gemstones such as carved tourmalines, aquamarines, rubies and emeralds, as well as fossils and geodes set alongside more delicate glimmering rose or rough-cut diamonds. In addition to spectacular and indulgent pieces, the collection includes uniquely set rose-cut diamond studs and casually elegant gemstone chains that work as beautifully with cocktail looks as with everyday fashion. These diamonds shimmer with exceptional clarity and color and have few inclusions. Every piece of jewelry is designed by Madyha and handmade by her craftsmen, many of whom are fourth-generation jewelry makers. While some settings are similar, the unique carved gems mean that no piece is identical to another, which makes each one all the more precious and desirable. Striking and timelessly glamorous, these jewels broadcast personal style and will be treasured  heirlooms many years from now.”

See more photos on her web site. Stockist information is supposed to be added this month.

Madyha Farooqui earrings


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