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Jewel of the day: Plukka Bullet Ring

I like the industrial look of this ring, even though it was inspired by a bullet shape. You know, make jewellery, not war. Though designer Plukka says this about it: “Our iconic “Bullet” ring from our “Razor Mittens” collection evokes hardware, both military and industrial. A sharp, modern black rhodium spike juxtaposed against curvaceous lines makes for the sexiest accessory. It matches everything from Chanel to camouflage. Consider it a bulletproof wardrobe staple.”

So hardware more than weaponry. OK. Arming your finger will set you back USD$200. Bang!


Jewel of the day: W. Britt Big Block Statement Necklace

Love the industrial/machine age look to this necklace by W. Britt. Despite its heft, it also conveys a nice sense of movement, with its hinged pieces. The company describes itself this way: “W. Britt draws from the complexity of urban environments—evaluating, refining and adapting these references, ultimately yielding a new perspective. Her debut collection, Assembly Line, is both physically and conceptually an ode to the process of creation. W. Britt seeks a balance between industrial edge and classic refinement. The result is a collection of striking pieces that make a subtle yet strong statement.”

Made with 18k gold plated metal and onyx finials, it sells for USD $1,250.

W Britt Big Statement Necklace

Jewel of the day: Holst and Lee Glass Menagerie Tassel Necklace

Flapper, meet industrial age. This Holst and Lee tassel necklace is made with ombre glass seed beads and various metal bits and bobs, strung from a brass chain.

It’s insouciant and heavy metal at the same time. Kind of cool, really. Each piece is handmade and takes at least two weeks for delivery. This sells for USD $295.

Holst and Lee Glass Menagerie Tassel Necklace

Jewel of the day: Vintage Paloma Picasso for Tiffany Cufflinks

Even though Paloma Picasso moved on from those omnipresent x’s and o’s, I tend to still associate her name with that uber popular Tiffany design.

These sterling silver vintage cufflinks have a more industrial look (and remind me of 80s Lisa Jenks pieces). They are available from San Diego’s CJ Charles for a very reasonable USD $250, and would make a great gift for anyone on your list who loves wearing shirts with French cuffs (man or woman).

Paloma Picasso vintage cufflinks

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