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Jewel of the day: J. Crew Floral Hoop Earrings

If you’re in the Western Hemisphere, summer is just around the corner, and these colourful earrings from J. Crew would be a nice wardrobe addition in keeping with the season.

These have an early 60s vibe to me, with a mix of cold painted enamel flowers accented with crystals. (Actual materials: brass, zinc, epoxy stone, resin stone, glass stones, acrylic stone, cubic zirconia.” They measure 2-5/8″, and sell for USD$65.

Available for pre-order now, they ship beginning May 22.


Jewel of the day: J. Crew Tortoise Disc Necklace

A few years back, J. Crew really drove the statement necklace craze with some cool, affordable options. Though they still have some great pieces, they’ve settled back into the pack with pieces that follow rather than set trends. This disc necklace is a pretty way to dress up a look without overwhelming it with too much embellishment. Made with acetate discs strung along a brass chain, it’s a light and effortless look for the coming warmer weather.

This sells for USD$32.50.


Jewel of the day: J. Crew Crystal Fan Earrings

I’m not sure if big earrings are making a comeback, they never went away or it’s a case of who cares? Big earrings are here to stay.

I like these by J. Crew; trying to figure out how heavy they may be (heavy, I’m guessing). Details note that they are made with glass and acrylic, but hard to know which stone is which. If you don’t mind the mystery, these sell for USD$48.

J Crew Crystal Fan Earrings

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Pave Drop Earrings with Faux Tortoise

J. Crew has had a long run as a go-to for current, fun and not too expensive jewelry to jazz up your wardrobe. These earrings combine the fun of crystals (aka rhinestones) with resin “tortoiseshell” petals, mixing contemporary and classic. These look more like fall than summer to me, but whatever floats your accessory boat.

They sell for USD$88.

J Crew Pave Drop Earrings

Jewel of the day: Lydell NYC White Tribal Statement Necklace

After a glorious run of riotously colourful pieces led by J. Crew, the statement necklace seems to have dropped into the darker recesses of the jewel box. But here to keep the glitzy flame alive is a pretty and quite wearable piece by Lydell NYC. It’s big and bold, yes, but the fact that all the stones are white gives it a peaceful elegance that makes it very useful as a daily (and night time) piece).

It sells for USD $92 from their web site.

Lydell NYC White Statement Necklace



Jewel of the day: J. Crew Contoured Spike Cuff Bracelet

It’s always nice to find something relatively inexpensive that looks more expensive than it is. This bracelet by J. Crew has a great look for summer – clean lines, elegant form, and yours for USD $78. Not much info on materials, other than to say it’s gold plated and I would imagine, either cold painted or enamelled white.

J Crew Contoured Spike Cuff Bracelet


Jewel of the day: J. Crew Long Crystal Floret Necklace

I’m a sucker for sparkly things. So when I passed this “Crystal Floret” necklace at J. Crew, I stopped. And then I bought. (Hey, there was a sale!) The asymmetrical nature of the design has me a little bit OCD fussed, but as long as I’m not looking at myself, it’s fine. And I’m not OCD, either.

It packs a lot of glitz into a small and wearable package. After a couple of years of honking big rhinestone encrusted statement necklaces, this is a refreshing change. It sells for USD $56.50 and has matching earrings featuring the rhinestone marquise shaped piece (which I also bought because sale … but I don’t wear them together – too matchy matchy.)

J Crew Crystal Floret Necklace

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace

OK, I admit it: J. Crew is my jewellery guilty pleasure. I nearly always find something I like when I go in. This time, this (oddly named) Crystal Venus Flytrap necklace. Which is really just circular, reverse set (points up) crystals in a heavy claw setting. They say it is reminiscent of the venus flytrap plant (okaaaay) but to me, it looks more like very similar pieces worn by the Georgians and Victorians, usually with paste but sometimes with diamonds.

This sells for USD $98 and has matching drop earrings. (Do you even have to ask? Of course I got those too.)

J. Crew Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Crystal Shade Earrings

I normally would not be attracted to such large earrings …. well, wait. I WOULD be attracted to them, but I would pass because I would think of the weight, and the overall Gypsy glitzy look – these are 3-1/2 inches long – that would lead me to wonder when I would ever find an occasion to wear them.

So when I saw these at a local J. Crew and held them, I was surprised that they were lighter than you would expect given their size and materials (resin, plated brass and epoxy, though the aqua stones sure feel like glass to me). And when the sales assistant cheerfully told me that they were 50% off their already reduced price and so therefore cost about $35 … sold! I may never wear them but they are giving me a lot of pleasure to look at.  On the US J. Crew site, these are still full price at $85 but given the look and the workmanship, these would still be a solid yes from me.

Below, pics from the J. Crew web site and my own shot – they are much prettier and vibrant in real life.

J Crew Crystal Shade earrings1

J Crew crystal shade earrings

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Punk Floral Necklace

I happened to see this Punk Floral Necklace in store at J. Crew and was very intrigued. Really like the use of the matte black stones (which, from the description on their site, I am guessing are resin), offset with spare use of dark crystals and then the gold tone metal chain.

What I didn’t like was the sheer size of it. Especially on the sides. Can’t think of the right neckline where you would have an opportunity to appropriately showcase this. Maybe a strapless gown or top, but as I don’t wear that style, this is a no for me. There is a version using similar black stone elements, one used as a pendant on a very long chain.

This piece sells for USD $248.

J. Crew Punk Floral Necklace

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