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Jewel of the day: Vega Maddox Jadeite, Amethyst and Enamel Earrings

Vega Maddox was based in LA in the 60s and 70s, and did ornate, over the top jewellery. I’m fortunate to have one of her necklaces and a pair of earrings. Those are bit too heavy for me to actually wear comfortably but I just love looking at them.

These earrings are very much in the Maddox style. Available from Earthly Adornments, they are “sterling silver vermeil with enamel, amethyst and jadeite. 2-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches. The jadeite and amethyst stones are bezel-set and surrounded the enamel. The earrings have 14k gold posts. Each earring weighs 14.3 grams.”

These were a custom made commissioned piece by the former owner. Maddox’s jewelry is hard to find and in demand, and these are one of a kind. They sell for USD$550.


Jewel of the day: Karen Suen Jadeite and Diamond Ring

Karen Suen does very luxe haute jewellery of the “if you have to ask about price, you can’t afford it” kind. Still, it makes for lovely eye (and arm, and ear and finger and neck) candy.

Shown here is a ring with the following specs: set with fine jadeite 16.16cts, onyx 4.40cts, diamond 6.11cts mounted in 18K white gold.”

You can read more about Suen here … and ask the price if it’s calling to you.


Jewel of the day: Hays Worthington Pearl, Jadeite, Diamond and Crystal Necklace

If you are still looking for that special New Year’s Eve bauble, this could be it. From Hays Worthington, it’s a vintage necklace with natural pearls, and a large jadeite pendant/drop, accented with diamonds and crystal. Price available upon request.


Jewel of the day: Highly Important Jadeite Bangle

When an auction house, in this case Sotheby’s, uses the phrase highly important, expect the item in question to fetch big bucks due to rarity or provenance. The catalogue has an interesting back story for this piece: For hundreds of years, jadeite has been a symbol of supreme status and extreme wealth. Among the various forms of jewellery that could be carved from a jadeite boulder, bangles and bead necklaces command the highest value, mainly due to the immense wastage incurred during the cutting process. Jadeite bangles are hololiths, which means they are carved from a single piece of stone. For a bangle to be as durable as a piece of jewelry, the boulder must be almost fully free of fissures and inclusions. The quality of the jadeite boulder also dictates the size, shape and colour distribution of a bangle.

The formation of the finest jadeite requires extreme conditions, and Burma, with its low-temperature and high-pressure geological environment, remains the main source of the world’s production. Yet, the availability of roughs is limited, and the quality of many is far from satisfactory. The lack of colour intensity, translucency and purity of the material makes it unsuitable for high jewellery. Even when a top-quality jadeite boulder is available, it is rarely carved into a bangle, because of the risk that a cutter could encounter unforeseeable inclusions during the process would cause more wastage.

The jadeite bangle offered here is a rare treasure that occurs despite all the above-mentioned limitations. With its extraordinary translucency and well-proportioned size and thickness, the bangle is filled completely with a vibrant and saturated emerald green colour, appearing almost vitreous and glassy in texture.

Fine jadeite bangles of such caliber are exceedingly scarce, so much so that they are a rarity even at international auctions. In April 2014, Sotheby’s Hong Kong sold a highly important oval Guifei bangle for HK$43.8 million. After more than two years, we are proud to present this bangle of truly exceptional quality at this autumn auction.”

This bangle’s estimate is 50,000,000 — 70,000,000 HKD, or approximately USD$6.5-9 million.


Jewel of the day: Carved Jadeite Platinum Drop Earrings

Not sure why, but green stones don’t do it for me. (No, not even if you gave me an emerald.) But I could make an exception for these stunning jadeite earrings, which the seller, Great Britain’s George Pragnell, estimates as being from 1900-1910. (Given how delicate Edwardian jewellery looked, my thinking would be slightly later, but no marks are listed in the description.)

This sells for USD$$21,891.48.


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