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Jewel of the day: Faris Puna Drop Earrings

Faris offers minimalist pieces with a an organic, earthy vibe. The current selection seems to take a lot of inspiration from natural forms, particular stones and pebbles. These Puna earrings are available in either sterling silver (USD$352) or bronze (USD$196). They are approximately 1-1/2 inches long and handmade in Seattle.


Jewel of the day: Baublebar Ivy Everyday Fine Ring

Baublebar is a great go-to for trendy and affordable accessories. They now have (or at least I’d never previously noticed it) a fine jewelry section. This is composed of gold-plated sterling silver pieces. They are fairly minimalist and basic but a cost-effective way of adding items that are likely better quality than basic costume jewelry.

This ring features undulating wire rendered as a wide band. They explain, “Hand-crafted with 18K-gold plated sterling silver, think of it as your all day jewelry foundation (and think of it often). Our Ivy ring is the perfect elevated everyday accent. Neutral enough for anything your day brings, it features unexpected detailing that sets it apart from every other stacking ring in your arsenal. OUR 18K GUARANTEE: The Everyday Fine collection is hand-crafted using 18K gold that stands up to wear, tear, and tarnish better than many wildly expensive brands. What makes us so sure? We “test-wore” the collection for a year; traveled to 9 countries, 186 meetings, and 3 festivals (or was it 4?). All Everyday Fine items come complete with a luxe black pouch for storage to keep your bauble safe from the elements when not in use.”

This sells for USD$52.


Jewel of the day: DeBeers Phenomena Frost Bracelet

DeBeers coined the very effective slogan Diamonds are Forever and it’s still pretty evocative of the durability of the stone, if not necessarily any sentiment behind it. I’m fairly certain the larger the stone, the less sentiment there actually is, as these tend to be kept as financial buffers. But if you just want something loaded with diamonds and price be damned, this DeBeers Phenomena Frost bracelet will fill the bill.

There is no price (contact them to ask) but in their unique marketing way, they note, “Echoing the power and grace of nature and the miraculous wonders formed by water this Phenomena Frost Bracelet scintillates with fire, life and brilliance as it echoes the juxtaposing formations of icy formations. Total approximate carat weight 16.94ct..”

Jewel of the day: Mali Wedding Bead Necklace

I never used to gravitate to bead pieces, but I can see the beauty in the glass and assembly. This necklace, offered by Petalura, is described this way: “Fashion writers often talk about adding a pop of color to an outfit. If you’re more inclined to add the whole snap, crackle, and ka-pow, may we suggest this substantial statement necklace in a profusion of candy colors? Handcrafted in the U.S. using new and vintage Czech glass beads, inspired by Bohemian trade beads that are a traditional wedding gift among the Fulani tribespeople of Mali.

Still not bold enough? Add the matching bracelet for even more impact.”

This sells for USD$128.

Jewel of the day: Platt Boutique Victorian Diamond Heart

I am a sucker for heart jewellery (among so many other motifs!). This piece is offered by Platt Boutique in LA and is described as, “Victorian era 14 karat rose & Old Cut diamond “heart” motif pin-pendant featuring a 1.05 Carat Old Mine Cut diamond surrounded by smaller Old Mine Cut diamonds weighing 3.00 Carats in total. Price Upon Request.”

Jewel of the day: Liza Shtromberg Love Being Me Ring

There are many occasions for which a piece of jewelry to celebrate a person’s own style or soul is appropriate. Women have become more comfortable buying their own diamonds and statement pieces. This would make a great gift for yourself, to mark a milestone or recognize personal development, as well as being a lovely gift for someone else.

This ring by Liza Shtromberg has the motto “Love Being Me” engraved around a gold disc set with a diamond. Her site elaborates, ““Love Being Me” is a precious gift that we are born to share with the world, and it is imperative that we cherish ourselves the way those around us do. As we devote our time and attention to the loved ones in our lives, we must also take time to recognize the beauty we bring to the world. 18K Yellow Gold Rose Cut Diamond 0.93 Ct. Available in 18K Yellow, Rose and White Gold and Platinum.”

Price available upon request.

Jewel of the day: Jean-Pierre 18k Yellow Gold Linked Entangled Diamond Bracelet

This bracelet is the kind of piece that is complete on its own. If you like to wear multiple items, it has the heft and look of a multi-item stack. It also would look great on its own.

By LA’s Jean-Pierre, it is made with 18k gold chains, some set with diamonds. This sells for USD$5,480.

Jewel of the day: Sotheby’s The Raj Pink Diamond

If you have many spare millions rattling around in your vault, you may want to put a bid in on this today. Offered by Sotheby’s Geneva, this 37.30 carat pink diamond, currently set in a ring, is claimed to be the world’s largest. Sotheby’s notes, “For most coloured diamonds, the hue comes from impurities that accidently interfere during the formation of the crystal at hundreds of miles deep in the earth. A diamond is mainly composed of pure carbon; it is the intrusion of another trace element that impacts the colour, such as nitrogen for yellow and boron for blues. The pink colour, on the other hand, may be the result of a distortion of the crystal structure that has yet resisted the attempts of explanation by science.

Pink fancy coloured diamonds are rare in nature, particularly those of large size. According to the GIA, the annual global pink-to-red diamond recovery could fit on the palm of one’s hand. The astonishing stone offered in this auction displays a combination of very bright and superb fancy intense pink colour. One can find different levels of colour intensity; the brilliance, hue and size of this precious gem are truly exceptional.

The current record price ever achieved at auction for a diamond or any gemstone is ‘The Pink Star’: one of the world’s great natural treasures later renamed ‘CTF Pink Star’. This magnificent Fancy Vivid Pink diamond weighing 59.60 carats was sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April 2017 for $71.2 million.

The current record price per carat and for any Fancy Intense Pink diamonds was set by ‘The Graff Pink’ weighing 24.78 carats, sold in Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2010 for $46.2 million.

Discovered and mined in South Africa in 2015, the rough crystal was studied with extreme precision during the course of one year before it was passed to the hands of a master cutter.

“In observing the Raj Pink in its final form – a sparkling 37.30 carat cushion modified brilliant – one may fail to recognize the work behind its transformation from rough to polished. Though nature granted the gem with rare colour fine clarity, it was the cutter who capitalized on these qualities and brought the diamond’s innermost beauty to full display…”

The pre-sale estimate for this is 19,570,00029,355,000 Swiss francs. 

Jewel of the day: Ri Noor Onyx Pendant Necklace with Diamonds & Emeralds

This deco-inspired pendant would add some serious chic to an outfit. By Ri Noor, it’s described this way: “With their bold combinations of pure geometric motifs and natural forms, the Ri Noor line expresses a sense of brilliance and originality. Each piece starts with a passion for gems and discovering the beauty found in the irregularity and imperfections of the natural stones. The precious and semi-precious gems are accented by unique settings crafted of 14k and 18k gold as well as rhodium-plated silver for a stunning look that easily transitions from day to night and elevates any outfit.”

This piece sells for £1,687.


Jewel of the day: Blue Nile Corda Cushion-Cut Citrine Halo Earrings

Topaz is November’s birthstone, and you can get it in more than the classic gold shade. (Blue is a big favourite now.) These traditional topazes from Blue Nile are set in a halo of white topaz stones and set in sterling silver. If topaz isn’t your thing at all, they are also available in other stones.

This sells for USD$300.


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