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Jewel of the day: Colette Jewelry Dripping Flowers Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, the words drippy and dripping are generally good things, and so it is here. This necklace by Colette Jewelry uses diamonds on a neck wire to give the piece movement and fresh perspective.

The 18k white gold wire supports pave set black and white diamond flowers. This sells for USD$9,500.



Jewel of the day: Proenza Schouler Hammered Metal Earrings

I’m of two minds about these earrings by Proenza Schouler. On the one hand, they are a cool design with an industrial vibe. On the other, I am sure I would probably yank them out of my ears when brushing back my hair. Choices.

These are clip ons made of aluminum and brass, and sell for USD$995.

Jewel of the day: Blooming Shop Rowan Autumn Brooch

Well, it’s now officially fall (boo, hiss!) which is kind of a sad day given that in Toronto, we were essentially cheated out of a nice summer this year. Note to weather gods: please spare us your wrath for winter.

This very autumnal brooch is a nice way to mark the changing seasons (personally, I’ll be drowning my sorrows.) By Etsy seller Blooming Shop, it’s made of porcelain and clay and sells for USD$25. Cheers!

Jewel of the day: Marchesa Star Wedding Band

Fashion designers Marchesa sell an affordable fine jewelry line at US department store Macy’s, mostly focusing on bridal. This wedding band intrigues me, as it’s a bit of a combo of the Tiffany Etoile design, with diamonds set flush into a platinum band (these are available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold though), and the star setting found in Victorian jewellery. They’re pretty and can be had for USD$1,125 (0n sale at the time of this writing; regular price is $1,150).

Jewel of the day: Attico Metallic Snake Ankle Straps

If the usual accessories have been boring you lately and you’re sure you have everything, these may prove you wrong. Ankle straps. Yes, ankle straps that are kind of an oversized ankle bracelet. Only … weirder.

These, by Attico, are made of metallic snakeskin. So next time you feel like your feet, shoes, and accessories wardrobe are missing that je ne sais quoi, don’t say I never directed you towards something new.

These sell for USD$370.


Jewel of the day: Ralph Lauren Brass Resin Link Bracelet

You can generally count on Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors to draw on preppy tradition when designing accessories. This Lauren faux tortoiseshell bracelet is a case in point. But it’s classic for a reason, and would go with pretty much anything you would pair it with, punk excepted.

As of this writing, it’s USD$54 with a promo offering 30% off. Make like a prepster and go for the discount; just try to avoid those eye watering pink and green clothing combos.

Jewel of the day: Georgian Silver, Garnet & Paste Brooch

I really love antique paste pieces. Their workmanship rivals that of fine jewellery, which it was meant to mimic. This piece is dated at roughly 1800-1820, and meant to look like ruby and diamonds set in gold.

It is offered by the UK’s The Antique Jewellery Company, and is priced at a very reasonable £675.

Jewel of the day: Satomi Kawakita Keshi Pearl Ring

Based in New York, Satomi Kawakita offers delicate, thoughtful work. This ring features a keshi pearl collet set in gold. The site notes of this one off piece, “Unique, individual yet elegant.  Absolute one and only, not to be worn by any other. Keshi, from the Japanese word “Poppy Seed,” are truly remarkable pearls known for their unique and raw elegance. Made of 100% solid nacre, the Keshi Pearl has an exceptionally remarkable color range and lustrous shine that will remain unchanged through time. With each magnificent natural shape as unique as a fingerprint, the Keshi Pearl is truly the gem for a one-of-a-kind woman. Specs:  6.030 ct. Tahitian Keshi Pearl (13.10mm x 9.99mm) ; 11mm x 14.4mm (top), 2.7-2.8mm (width), 1.2mm (thickness), 8.8mm (height of setting); 18K yellow gold textured band.”

This sells for USD$2,045.

Jewel of the day: Kataoka Juniper Emerald Earrings

In the 80s and 90s I wore earrings so big, my husband called them ear plates. And he wasn’t far wrong. Now I’m much more inclined to opt for something like these delicate emerald drops by Kataoka.

They note, “A flash of green peeking through the snow, the first sign of spring. The Juniper Earrings feature vivid green emeralds sprinkled with bright white diamonds, set on a French hook for a subtle sway. Romantic, lively, and beautiful adornments.”

These are made in Japan of 18k gold, set with .30 ct emeralds and .10 ct diamonds; they are sold as a pair for USD$2,480.

Jewel of the day: Samantha Knight Signature Bangle

So you may have seen or want a Cartier Love or Juste Un Clou bangle bracelet, or just like shiny/sparkly things (raises hand)… Here is a nice option at a lower price point. By Samantha Knight, this skinny diamond set bangle is born to be stacked, and available in 14k yellow, white or rose gold. At USD$1,895 apiece you could get one of each for roughly the cost of one Cartier bracelet. Yeah, moderation is overrated.

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