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Jewel of the Day: Jacob & Co x Kanye West Madonna and Child Pendant

This item is available at Paris’s Colette, which shocked the fashion world a few weeks ago by announcing that they are closing later this year. But the store and site are going strong for now, and you can find the Jacob & Co./Kanye West collaboration there.

They describe this piece as, “Madonna and Child” Medallion Necklace, 18K yellow gold, large size. colette welcomes the collaboration between Jacob Arabov and Kanye West. The 18K gold collection draws from 14th century Florentine art such as Donatello’s base-relief portraits, and evoke a certain classical romance.”

This is selling for $16,839.68$14,033.07 less French VAT.


Jewel of the day: Anne Bowen Jewelled Belt

You could argue that a belt, strictly speaking, is not jewellery, but this one is thickly encrusted with crystals and would really have to be the accessory high point of your outfit.

Plus … designer Anne Bowen got screwed over by Kanye West at New York fashion week. She was supposed to show her streetwear collection yesterday but West decided to show his second attempt at designing for Adidas. And booked a spot at the same time on the same day as Bowen’s original slot. It is costing her a lot to move her own presentation to today. So I felt like she needed some love.

You can buy this three-inch wide embellished on silk belt, as well as her fashion, on her web site. This sells for USD$850.

Anne Bowen Crystal Belt

The Met Costume Institute Gala – trying way too hard

I don’t know where to start with the mess that was the Met Gala last night.

Looking for photos, I tuned into the lighter than whipped air red carpet “coverage” that was streaming on The oft-asked, “Who are you wearing?” should really have been, “Who’s wearing you?”

The theme of the exhibit (and presumably the gala itself) was Punk Chaos. Not only did it look like most of the red carpet walkers got punkd instead, but … who invited these people, and why?

This event began, way back in the mists of time, as a staid fundraiser for  the Costume Institute, a way for Manhattan blue bloods to contribute to what was at the time, pretty much a cultural nonentity.

When Diana Vreeland became head of the Institute (much to the chagrin of museum curators) she delighted crowds with her over the top shows – and horrified those same curators by often being historically inaccurate. But to Vreeland, fashion was more than a dress on a form. She was the first to unite music, film and fashion at the gala, as she had done throughout her editorial career. And so, in some ways, I’m sure Vreeland would have been thrilled by last night’s attendees – both the ridiculous and the sublime.

As for the former, two thumbs down (and if I had more, I would point those downwards, too) to Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Both wore puzzling choices by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, who must have laughed his ass off designing these. Beyonce looked like Gianni Versace, circa 1992, threw up on her, and the matching gloves and boots added that certain granny je ne sais quoi.

Kardashian literally upholstered herself in a swath of floral awfulness, with matching shoes and gloves that made it look like she was armless. If only they could have obscured the entire view. It was like Lazy Boy took a bride and Kardashian was the matron of honour.

Madonna should consider herself really lucky. Her awful Cher meets Sid Vicious look (also Givenchy, though I’m guessing even Cher would have rejected those pink shoes) almost didn’t register in the wake of the awfulness left by Kim and Beyonce. The cross, curiously hanging off the back of her jacket and descending to mid-thigh level would have been, well, hell to sit on. Maybe that’s Madonna’s idea of doing penance. Maybe wearing Givenchy is the new penance!

As for jewelry or accessories … do chains count? Well, they’re a lazy approximation of punk. I would love to have seen even one tux-clad guy rip his YSL or Calvin Klein suit and pin it or zip it back together.

No photos with this post – consider it a kind consideration of your retinas.

If the event is supposed to showcase fashion, it failed miserably. All that money and all those stylists, and that was the best they could come up with. It was all less a look than a look away.

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