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Jewel of the day: Amarilo Jewelry Round Locket

I’m very partial to lockets, not because I tend to put anything in them, but because I love the little bit of secrecy they offer, and the opportunity to make them very personal.

This plain gold round locket by Amarilo is made to order in Los Angeles. Their site notes it has a 14k chain but doesn’t specify the metal content of the locket itself. This sells for USD$500.


Jewel of the day: Olivia Wong I am, You Are Locket

The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), located in Toronto, has a fantastic jewellery program.

2017 graduate Olivia Wong created this as one of three pieces for her thesis project, titled I Am, You Are, and is in her words part of, “a series of three objects. By researching how objects are able to create social meaning, these objects create a discussion and dialogue about the issues of sexual assault. These objects carry dualities that are discovered when worn or used. These dualities include targeting/watching, manipulation and comfort/discomfort.”

You can see more of Olivia’s work on her website.

Jewel of the day: Antique Irish Heart Locket

I am a sucker for lockets, though I never put photos or mementos in mine. This would be perfect for an Irish friend, or someone who just believes in the four leaf clover/shamrock as a bringer of luck. It has an enamel monogram on the reverse, which looks like the letters BA to me, though seller Dover Jewelry seems to have misidentified this as a botanical theme.

This is 18k yellow gold with green and red enamel. It weighs 23.1 grams and measures 40 mm long (including bail) and 26 mm wide.

It sells for USD$1,750.

Jewel of the day: Alexis Bittar Limited Edition Chalcedony and Crystal Locket

Even though I never want to put anything inside them, I am a sucker for lockets. I just ike the potential of having a place to keep small, dear secrets.

This locket is by Alexis Bittar, who is perhaps better known for his cool contemporary acrylic pieces that are often large and bold, though this has his characteristic look. This locket is a limited edition and available in three stone styles. This features chalcedony and Swarovski crystal. It sells for USD$275.

Alexis Bittar Locket

Jewel of the day: Summer Solstice Locket

The great thing about jewellery: there’s an opportunity to commemorate just about anything. I mean, why have a Summer Solstice 2016 t-shirt when you can have a locket?

This locket is available on Etsy from seller Valley Girl Designs. I’m guessing this is silver plate or pewter, though the seller describes it this way: This antique silver locket has a beautiful Summer Goddess reading a book centered on the front of the locket. She has lovely flowers surrounding her. LItha, Summer Solstice. I have attached this locket to the chain with a pretty Victorian floral connector. This beautiful antiqued silver chain has oval links and measures 24 inches and has been finished with a silver toggle clasp. The locket measures 2 inches in diameter, it holds two pictures and opens from the top.”

It sells for USD$34 and the site has a lot of other pretty and affordable lockets from which to choose.

Summer Solstice Necklace

Jewel of the day: Bohemian Garnet Locket

Happy birthday to all you January babies, whose birthstone is the garnet. This stone was used heavily in Victorian times, and can be seen in a lot of Bohemian/Czech pieces of that era.

This lovely locket from the fantastic Morning Glory Jewelry is set with with an abundance of garnets and has a glass back for a photo, lock of hair (common in the Victorian period) or other memento. It appears to be made of sterling silver. It sells for USD$598.

Bohemian garnet locket

Jewel of the day: Dirty Librarian Chains Book Locket Bracelet

This quirky and cute bracelet is a rescue, made with vintage components by Dirty Librarian Chains. (More about that name in a second.)

The site explains, “Book locket charm bracelet with a pearl and mini chain tassel. The 1960’s book locket make a perfect compartment for sweet notes, magic or anything else you can fit in there. Bracelet closes with a silver toggle clasp.

Major components for this piece are vintage pieces that were rescued from shuttered jewelry factories in the North East United States.

All vintage components are carefully hand selected and cleaned before they are transformed into Dirty Librarian Chains.

Bracelets are packaged in a special DLC jewelry box and are secured onto a printed book card. Sheets of vintage dictionary pages protect the jewelry during transit. An authenticity card is also included. All DLC jewelry is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio and usually ships within 2-3 business days. Length: 7.5 inches.”

Oh, and about the name? “What’s in a name?  Dirty Librarian Chains got your attention?  Designer Susan Domelsmith was originally nicknamed the “Dirty Librarian” because of her look – cat eye glasses, a bun and vintage blouses.  The librarian theme fits well with the vintage aesthetic of the collection, and several lookbook shoots have been staged within the grand libraries of NYC.  Domelsmith supports libraries and literacy locally and throughout the US through her charitable work raising funds for libraries as well as by working with Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.  DLC displays and packaging are also tailored to the theme by repurposing vintage encyclopedias.”

This piece sells for USD $100.

Dirty Librarian Chains Book Locket Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Suz Somersall Women’s Prison Association Locket

This very pretty locket offered by Suz Somersall is a charitable collaboration, with 100 per cent of the proceeds benefitting the Women’s Prison Association. The site notes, “Limited edition celestial inspired pave sapphire locket co-designed with Orange Is The New Black Actress Alysia Reiner, 18″ long. WPA motto engraved on back: Empower. Strengthen. Connect.”

The site doesn’t note what the metal is so I will assume base metal; it’s available in silver or gold tone for USD $98.

Suz Somersall WPA Locket

Jewel of the day: Antique Signet Ring with Concealed Key

It’s easy to forget that antique jewellery often had a dual purpose – the poison rings that concealed noxious substances; signets used to impress a seal onto a letter; lockets hiding a memento or photo; memorial jewellery with the hair of a deceased loved one woven in or as part of the design.

This antique signet ring, offered by UK’s Kaizen Antiques and Jewellery, has a crest and motto … and though I can’t make out the motto, the upraised hand with the two first fingers and thumb upright is pretty darned interesting and unusual all by itself. Though the real secret is the hidden key in the band of the ring. It looks a bit like a watch key but could also have turned a very tiny lock, home to more secrets. It sells for £695.

Kaizen signet ring1

Kaizen Signet Ring2


Jewel of the day: Fortune & Frame Jagged Fortune Holding Locket

I like designer Fortune & Frame’s story about the evolution of this piece almost as much as the piece itself:

You can’t force a thing to work when it’s not supposed to. I spent a year trying to figure out how to make the locket open with a key. While I didn’t go down without a fight, I’ve got a pile of rejected designs that say it just wasn’t in the stars.

A thing must reveal itself on its own terms. Once I stopped telling it what I wanted it to be, it told me what it actually was.

Being vulnerable is hard when you’ve got a guard up. I built up the jagged fortress, leaving the fortune only barely discernible. I hammered the exterior to give it a more complex texture. And I introduced the spiked edges to make it appear far more threatening than it actually is. Keep out. (But, please, come in.)

Also intriguing is the story behind the line’s founding: Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based line of jewelry, frames, and other things that hold fortunes. Founded by designer Gretel Going, the original concept came about two years ago when she came across an insightful fortune, shoved it behind a refrigerator magnet, and forgot about it. When the fortune kept falling on the floor, an idea was born. The resulting line relies on jewelry and accessories to bridge the gap between the value people place on fortunes and the lack of dedicated places to keep them.

This piece, made of sterling silver and watch crystal, and with a 30 inch chain, sells for a most reasonable USD $265.

Fortune and Frame 1

Fortune and Frame2

Fortune and Frame3

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