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Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Though I have never been a collector of vintage Miriam Haskell pieces, I have found myself entranced by their current production. Not really sure why, as it’s not that different in design other than that it tends to be a bit more readily available.

These pearl and crystal earrings are made to order and hand done, and take up to seven weeks for delivery. They are described as, “medium sized chandelier earrings – Antique silver plated filigree hand-wired with pave Swarovski crytals. Earrings drop 1.75 inches and are 1 inch at widest point.Light in weight with clip backs.”

These sell for USD$460.


Jewel of the day: Bijoux Heart Leaf + Wheat Sheaf Brooch

Bijoux Heart is a British brand that has looked to the past for inspiration but given their costume jewelry pieces a modern feel. Their work reminds me a lot of Miriam Haskell, with burnished gold findings, tiny seed pearls and an artful use of crystals.

This brooch is described as, “Large poured glass handmade leaves with branches of Swarovski handmade wheat sheaf crystal in a beautiful bouquet design, large Baroque pearl sits at the base of five large Swarovski baguette crystals which forms a high dome from the base, subtle shades of jonquil and clear crystal with finer details of sea pearls & crystal pave marquis cut stones “truly spectacular construction and scale” measures approx. 170cm in length and approx. 90cm in width. on a weighted filigree base and large pin, plated in 24ct gold.”

This sells for £790.

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell Red Lip Pin

Miriam Haskell is beloved by vintage jewellery collectors, and has managed to keep the brand alive and thriving in an era when cheap mall stores have pretty much taken over costume jewellery offerings.

So while it’s great that the brand has stayed relevant, I’m not quite sure what to make of this: red lips beaded as per Haskell’s style, on a safety pin. I’m not quite sure who the customer is that they are appealing to as it’s quite outside their usual style and presumably customer base, but if it’s you, this costs USD$320 – rock on.

Miriam Haskell Red Lip Pin

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell Fringe Necklace

This fringe necklace by Miriam Haskell is noted as being part of an eight-piece Charles James Capsule Collection. There was an exhibit of fashion designer James’s work at NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art last year and he was the subject of the Museum’s famed Costume Institute Gala as well, leading to increased interest in his work.

These pieces are very much in the Haskell design mould but I’m not as sure they represent James as well. They are also a significant investment; this necklace, made with faux pearls and Swarovski crystal accepts, sells for USD$4,400 and is made to order.

Miriam Haskell Fringe necklace


Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell Wrapped Chain Link Bracelet

My affection for Miriam Haskell pieces has grown substantially in the past few years, but unlike most people I know, I much prefer the newer pieces to the vintage ones. It could be that they are not easily found where I am and when they are, the prices are rather substantial. New Haskell is by no means inexpensive, but I have been very lucky in acquiring many really great pieces at good sale prices. I can be very patient waiting for markdowns! I also have bought some of the more unique pieces at full price and they were completely worth it.

This bracelet intrigues me. I like the pearl studded clasp and links, and it retains enough of the classic Haskell look to appeal to vintage lovers as well. It is also embellished with glass seed beads, agate and Swarovski crystals. It retails on the Miriam Haskell site for US $480.

Miriam Haskell  wrapped chain necklace

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell art deco circle motif necklace

Venerable costume jeweller Miriam Haskell has proclaimed this the time to “embrace adornment,” and I couldn’t agree more. This fantastic and elaborate necklace, set with the house’s signature rose montee crystals and strung with glass pearls, is on a burnished gold plated chain (vintage pieces are referred to as Russian gold). It is sold out but still available for special order at USD $950.

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell pearl and crystal torsade necklace

To me this piece is quintessential Miriam Haskell, known for decades for substantial glass pearl pieces set off with rich Russian gold plating and rose montee crystals. Though I have no vintage Haskell pieces in my collection, I have admired this particular necklace for a long time and finally took the plunge and got it. I can say with happiness that it looks as terrific on as it does in the Haskell web site photos. It is meant to be work with the large and ornate clasp either to the side, or in the back (kind of a shame you can’t wear it showing centered in the front, though).

Available for purchase from the Haskell site for US $885.


Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell pearl and chain necklace

Miriam Haskell is one of the legendary names in American costume jewellery. The company has always been known for its high quality components and when the brand reemerged with new owners and designers a few years ago, the brand heritage remained strong.

This necklace plays on Haskell’s renowned use of pearls and mixes in some Swarovski crystal, contemporary chains and knot detailing. On sale for half price at USD $400 on the Haskell web site.

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell for J. Crew

Venerable costume jewellery manufacturer Miriam Haskell has been tapped to design a capsule collection of bridal pieces for J. Crew. Jenna Lyons, J. Crew’s creative director, is a passionate collector of vintage Haskell pieces, and they are used in the company’s catalogue styling. Inspired by Lyons’s look, the company’s CEO decided to approach the house to put together a grouping to be sold only at their bridal boutique, a new store that will open on New York’s Madison Avenue in June.

While I love collaborations like this, I dislike the limited/one shop nature that makes it difficult or impossible to try or buy the items. But if you’re a bride-to-be in the New York region, or someone who wants to add some contemporary Haskell to their collection, this is definitely worth looking into.

Prices range from $150 to $1400. Something tells me the spectacular necklace pictured will be at the top end of the price spectrum. Gorgeous.

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