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Jewel of the day: Museum of Modern Art Corsi Jewelry Resin Necklace

One of my first stops in NYC is typically the Museum of Modern Art, but for the gift shop. (Yes. I’m a Philistine.) I love the jewellery in their store collection and love rummaging around in the shop.

This necklace by Corsi Jewelry is made of resin to mimic precious gems, complete with bubbles/inclusions. It sells for USD$125 to non-members, $112.50 to members. There are also matching earrings available for USD$65/$58.


Jewel of the day: Maasai Glass Earrings

The designers’ name, Maasai, is not a misspelling of a Kenyan company, but rather the collaboration of “Marina and Susanna Sent, whose work has been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout Europe, belong to a family who has worked for generations in Murano, Italy, the center for the production of Venetian glass. The art of Murano glass-blowing was highlighted in MoMA’s past exhibition Sculpture in Glass, featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, and Jean Arp, designed and executed in glass in the ancient factories of Murano. The sisters continue the long-standing tradition of glasswork with their jewelry design, adding a contemporary flair to the timeless art form. This design of these earrings is inspired by colors and necklaces worn by the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania. The earrings have sterling-silver posts, each suspending a red glossy glass bead.”

These are easy and sophisticated and would be a lovely jewel box addition. They sell for USD$48 through the Museum of Modern Art store.

Maasai Glass Earrings

Jewel of the day: Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse-Louis Rosenberg Flora Necklace

We are in the early days of seeing what 3D printing can do and it’s become a popular means of creating wearables, like jewellery (as well as providing an intriguing glimpse into what may be possible in terms of things like organ replacement, interestingly enough.)

This necklace is available at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and is a representation (as its name would suggest) of growing flora. The two designers work under the name of Nervous System. It sells for USD$185 (less if you are a member of the museum).

Flora Collar

Jewel of the day: Shinobu Marotta Crystal Necklace

The Museum of Modern Art gift shop is a dangerous place for me. Lots of goodies of the jewellery variety. I managed to not purchase this (but only because, um, I purchased some other things, because of course I did), but it is very covetable. Three joined strands of flat but sparkly rhinestone fun, by Shinobu Marotta.

The site notes, “Combining sparkle and glamour with graphic appeal, this Swarovski crystal necklace is composed of nine different colors of glittering stones. Versatile enough to punch up an everyday outfit or add the final touch to a cocktail dress, this lightweight statement-maker is backed with a suede-like material that’s soft to the touch.”

It sells for USD$298.00; $268.20 to museum members.

Shinobu Marotta Crystal Necklace

Jewel of the day: Lara Knutsen Nebula Necklace with Iridescent Strands

I was intrigued with this Lara Knutsen Nebula necklace on a visit to the MOMA store when in NY recently. (Intrigued is short-hand for, “I bought one.”)

The photo on the museum’s store web site doesn’t do it justice. Described as being, “made of blue iridescent plastic threads woven into a lightweight fabric made of microscopic reflective glass beads. Finished with a rare-earth magnetic closure” the photo doesn’t show the pretty flashes of violet shown when light hits the piece. It’s extremely light weight and quite unique. This sells for USD$115; $103.50 for museum members.

Lara Knutsen Nebula Necklace


Jewel of the day: Laura Santi Mesh Gau Bracelet

In additional to being eye catching, mobile and tactile (good for boring meetings!) this mesh bracelet by Laura Santi just looks like it would be fun to wear.

Sold at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Santi designed this in 2010. The site notes, “These lightweight bracelets are created from two layers of soft, pliable copper mesh in complementary hues. The Mesh Gau Bracelet exhibits a unique use of innovative materials, a design principle celebrated in the Museum’s collection. Can be worn separately or layered together. Expandable up to 4″ in length.”

It sells for USD $48.

Laura Senti Mesh Gau Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Patricia von Musulin Turquoise Bead Necklace

So on a recent trip to New York, this necklace happened. As I’ve previously posted, I’ve long wanted something from Patricia von Musulin, and I’ve seen this before at the MoMa Store in NY. It was a tossup between this, and a nearly identical piece (slightly different clasp) of matte black onyx beads with one polished white one. But … I had nothing in green, and this purchase was the result.

The clasp is really ingenious – one end fits smoothly into the other, as long as they are aligned so that the narrowest part of the clasp slides effortlessly into the other, and then gravity ensures it doesn’t open. Love it. And I’m pretty sure the black one will be coming home with me on my next trip.

This sells for USD $$425.00, $340.00 for museum members.

Von Musulin turquoise necklace

Jewel of the day: Fiato Sul Collo Necklace

Every time I look at the offerings of one museum shop, I have to rummage around the web sites of others. Here, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York is a striking geometric necklace and earrings made by Mario Trimarchi. Designed in 2011, it is inspired by a childhood memory: “of playing cards that would swirl mid-air from the gust of a Sicilian tornado wind. Constructed from mirror-polished stainless steel, the piece creates an alluring display of light and shadow on the skin. Made by Alessi, an Italian-based manufacturer whose work is featured in the Museum’s collection and has been displayed in several exhibitions.”

It sells for USD $167, with a discount for museum members.

MOMA Fiato Sul Collo Necklace

Jewel of the day: Carolyn Forsman Glow Necklace

One of the things I love about jewelry is that it has the power to delight in a very simple and visceral way. Sometimes, it’s because of a piece’s materials or tactile qualities. And sometimes, as with this Glow Necklace by Carolyn Forsman, it’s because it brings out the happy kid in us.

I bought this at the Museum of Modern Art NY gift shop. It’s a very simple design – a Swarovski crystal that is illuminated when the piece is fastened. That’s because in the clasp is a tiny lithium battery that lights up an LED inside the crystal cube. It lasts 60 hours and an extra battery is included, which just pops inside the clasp. It’s really quite wonderful. A little bit of glow and a lot of happy can be yours for USD $50 ($40 if you are a MOMA member).

Carolyn Forsman Glow Necklace


Jewel of the day: Nakamura and Oki felt parakeet brooch set

If all that holiday shopping has depleted your bank account and your appetite for shiny things, this whimsical felt brooch set could be your antidote. Mike Nakamura and Komako Oki have created this parakeet and faux emerald set, perfect if you want to attract attention of the “what is that you’re wearing?” sort.

Available from the Museum of Modern Art store for a very affordable USD $20.

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