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Jewel of the day: Two A Double Square Horn Necklace

This pendant by Two A is definitely on the large side, but it looks perfect with a tunic type top or dress. They note, “This daring and beautiful geometric necklace is the definition of a statement piece. Turn heads and grab attention with this long necklace crafted from strong metal casting plated in matte silver coloring. This necklace is big, bold and fearless. It’s the perfect way to showcase your unique personality and style.”

This sells for Cdn$263.


Jewel of the day: Pono Azores Resin Necklace

When the weather heats up, it’s great to have a lightweight option that still offers style points. This resin necklace by Pono is colourful and easy to wear. It adjusts with a bolo-type tie that enables the wearer to make it longer or shorter. This sells for USD$365.


Jewel of the day: Carat London Hanging Pear Pendant Necklace

I’m an unabashed fan of fabulous fakes, and Carat London does them well. This piece is rhodium plated sterling silver set with cubic zirconia stones. There are matching earrings and a ring should you want to complete a set.

This necklace sells for £1,115.

Jewel of the day: Pariah Intertwined Necklace

This necklace by Pariah reminds me of an antique watch chain. Made of sterling silver plated with 18k gold, yellow and rose gold, it’s understated enough for daily wear while still making a quiet statement.

This sells for £690.

Jewel of the day: Gienia Etruscan Revival Inspired Pendant

This pretty Etruscan Revival style pendant by Gienia is part of their archive collection inspired by their travels. They explain, ”

The Gienia Archive Collection are pieces we created that are influenced by historically significant pieces we acquired on our travels. We think of them as ‘souvenirs’, in the spirit of some of the Etruscan Revival souvenirs we have collected. From our Double Headed Eternity Snake Ring (inspired by a piece we found from France which was made in the 1890s), to our Italian inspired Day-to-Night Earrings, we love to nd forgotten pieces and interpret them in a modern way.Designing jewelry, we have a keen interest in the history of objects, and it’s been amazing to uncover these pieces and return to some of the original (now largely forgotten) techniques that were used to craft jewelry historically. The insights we have gained from working this way have also really informed the way we approach crafting the other aspects of our collection, too. It’s been great to work with our talented craftspeople to resurrect some of these classical techniques.”

This piece sells for USD$2,450.

Jewel of the day: Poise Jewellers Monogram Bar Necklace

This bar necklace from Etsy seller Poise Jewellers gives you the option to engrave it with a name, location, or pretty much whatever fits on the rectangular bar.

It’s a cool gift that can be purchased inexpensively and easily personalized; great for wedding gifts, as the seller suggests. These are made of 18k electroplated stainless steel, so they are hypoallergenic and won’t turn black or green. The bars measure 6×36 mm and the chains are adjustable between 16″-18″.

This sells for US$20.08 and ships from Canada (Toronto).

Jewel of the day: Museum of Modern Art Corsi Jewelry Resin Necklace

One of my first stops in NYC is typically the Museum of Modern Art, but for the gift shop. (Yes. I’m a Philistine.) I love the jewellery in their store collection and love rummaging around in the shop.

This necklace by Corsi Jewelry is made of resin to mimic precious gems, complete with bubbles/inclusions. It sells for USD$125 to non-members, $112.50 to members. There are also matching earrings available for USD$65/$58.

Jewel of the day: Cartier Les Oiseaux Libérés Pendant

Part of Cartier’s Flora and Fauna collection, the Oiseaux Libérés pendant is a lively parrot (I think) pave set with diamonds.

Cartier notes, “A symbol of optimism and liveliness, this characterful bird, paved with diamonds, opens the door of its golden cage to take flight into the open skies. A bird enamoured of freedom, designed in 1942 and now reinterpreted to give life to a precious brooch in vibrant colors.

Les Oiseaux Libérés necklace, 18K pink gold, emeralds, gray mother-of pearl, set with 244 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 2.07 carats.”

This piece sells for CDN$67,500.

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Tortoise Disc Necklace

A few years back, J. Crew really drove the statement necklace craze with some cool, affordable options. Though they still have some great pieces, they’ve settled back into the pack with pieces that follow rather than set trends. This disc necklace is a pretty way to dress up a look without overwhelming it with too much embellishment. Made with acetate discs strung along a brass chain, it’s a light and effortless look for the coming warmer weather.

This sells for USD$32.50.


Jewel of the day: Harmony Evening Star Necklace

Designed as a gift for an expectant mother, this is a pretty pendant that can be an out of the ordinary baby gift.

Made by Harmony, their Evening Star necklace can be customized with a different coloured ball in the locket. The company notes, “Our “Evening Star” Necklace features an attractive star design that symbolizes the beauty and light that your new baby will bring into this world. Because your life will never be brighter once your new miracle arrives; it will fill you with joy and hope for the future ahead. This necklace is abundantly plated in sterling silver and is nickle and lead free.”

This is currently on sale for USD$34.99

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