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Jewel of the day: Alex Monroe Fritillary Flower Necklace

This necklace by the UK’s Alex Monroe was done after the Japanese tsunami. The site notes, “Following the Tsunami of 2011, we were all thinking of our friends and loyal customers in Japan. Alex had been trying to grow Fritillary flowers in his garden for years, and this was the year that they finally bloomed. After such a difficult time for Japan, this flower suddenly became very symbolic of the idea of hope and regeneration. A Fritillary flower with three citrines hanging inside. The necklace is available in either solid sterling silver or 22ct gold plate. The pendant measures 3.3 cm from the top of the hook to bottom of the flower, with a 1.3 cm flower. The citrines measure approximately 0.4 cm. This necklace comes on a 24 inch chain. All Alex Monroe jewellery is handmade in the UK.”

This sells for £174.

Jewel of the day: Vrai & Oro Trillion Diamond Necklace

So you’re in the mood for some new bling but don’t have the bucks for something big and sparkly? Little and sparkly can also work quite well, as attested to by this bezel set diamond necklace by Vrai & Oro.

This is set in 14k gold (your choice of white, yellow or rose) set with a .15 carat diamond. This sells for USD$555 for a pendant with an attached 15 inch chain or $560 for an 18 inch chain.


Jewel of the Day: Jacob & Co x Kanye West Madonna and Child Pendant

This item is available at Paris’s Colette, which shocked the fashion world a few weeks ago by announcing that they are closing later this year. But the store and site are going strong for now, and you can find the Jacob & Co./Kanye West collaboration there.

They describe this piece as, “Madonna and Child” Medallion Necklace, 18K yellow gold, large size. colette welcomes the collaboration between Jacob Arabov and Kanye West. The 18K gold collection draws from 14th century Florentine art such as Donatello’s base-relief portraits, and evoke a certain classical romance.”

This is selling for $16,839.68$14,033.07 less French VAT.

Jewel of the day: Lara Melchior Sautoir III Necklace

This high karat gold piece by Lara Melchior has the look of antiquity to it. The pendant is 24K yellow gold inset with diamonds, hung on an 18K gold chain.

This is a special order item; it sells for USD$1,886.

Jewel of the day: Dani Barbe Ruby, Garnet and Spinel Pendant

Dani Barbe makes delicate looking jewelry with an array of colourful stones. This piece is 14 gold plated with raw ruby, garnet and spinel stones. As she notes, it’s nice on its own or can be worn layered. The chain is gold plated and is 16 inches with a 4 inch extension. The bar measures 25mm x 3.5mm.

There are other colour combinations in this design, which sells for USD$88.

Jewel of the day: Virgins, Saints and Angels Magdalena Multistrand Necklace

The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an eagerly anticipated event, with dramatic markdowns on new merchandise for a short preview period.

This layered necklace by Virgins, Saints and Angels is “a Swarovski crystal-embellished medallion sparkles on a delicate necklace handcrafted in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with layered strands of rosary beads.”

It measures 15″ at the shortest strand length; 18″ at the longest strand length; w9th a 1 1/2″ pendant drop; 1″ width. During the sale, it will be USD$176. The price will go up to $265 for fall.

Jewel of the day: Nancy Kraskin Opal Necklace

Though the price of gold has come down from its per ounce high of a few years ago, retail prices really have yet to follow suit, so it’s nice to come across gold pieces that are not astronomically priced. This necklace by Nancy Kraskin is made of 14k yellow gold, set with a small Australian opal accented by gold beads. it comes on an 18 inch chain. Even though the stone is small (described as 6mm), I love opals for their fiery personality!

This sells for USD$390.


Jewel of the day: Roxann Astra Slate Statement Wheel Chain Necklace

Glass artisan Roxann Astra Slate makes some beautiful jewellery in clear glass. She notes about this necklace, “Glass wheel chain statement necklace is made of individually formed glass circles. Each glass circle wheel is made by carefully shaping a thing glass rods in a 2,000 degree flame. The glass is formed into a circle using heat and gravity and then the raised dots are added around the outside. Matching earrings available. Made with Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass, Life Time Warranty. Lobster clasp and jump rings are sterling silver. Length including clasp approx. 20″, 2″ wide.”

This sells for USD$225.

Jewel of the day: Biba Schutz Floating Collar Necklace

This necklace by Biba Schutz marries open sterling silver links with thin slices of mica. It’s available from Montreal’s Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h; price is not specified. You can contact the gallery for more information here.


Jewel of the day: Anne Sisteron Diamond Inlay Pearl Necklace

Summer is the season for graduations and weddings, and this would make a perfect gift for the graduate, bridesmaid or bride. By LA-based Anne Sisteron, a .03 carat diamond is inlaid into a pearl, set and hung from a 14k white gold chain. They give the pearl measurement as “1.00” but I’m frankly not sure what that means, as I’ve only ever seen pearl size expressed in mm.

This sells for USD$395.

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