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Jewel of the day: Anissa Kermiche Gold and Pearl Ring

Pretty and sophisticated, this gold ring by Anissa Kermiche takes the supposed fustiness out of pearls. The oval shaped ring in 14k gold is set with a single small pearl (dimensions not stated), and sells for USD$461 from Matches Fashion.

Jewel of the day: Bibi van der Velden Baroque Pearl Claw Ring

Yes to pearls. Although being the klutz I am, I know I would probably knock this puppy right out of its setting. However, acknowledging this doesn’t prevent me from coveting it.

By Bibi van der Velden, the ring’s shank is set with diamonds, and the pearl itself is studded with tiny pieces of gold. This sells for €4,830.


Jewel of the day: Chan Luu Leather Bolo Necklace

So it’s off with the glitter and glitz and back to the routine, and possibly less showy jewelry? Say it isn’t so! But if it is, this would work well for the upcoming festival season, or just the general pared down, post-holiday feeling.

By Chan Luu, best known for beaded wrap bracelets, is this leather and cultured pearl necklace. Available from Nordstrom, they also show it with a few chokers (so much for pared down). This sells for USD$90.



Jewel of the day: In God We Trust Ariel Necklace

This small and stylish necklace by In God We Trust is a mixed metal piece. It has a gold rectangular block and a 5mm pearl that was the makers note was ethically sourced. The necklace length is 16 inches.

This sells for USD$280 from Eaton Trading.

In God We Trust Ariel Necklace

Jewel of the day: Pia Jewellery Heart and Soul Ring

I’m grateful that silver remains an affordable metal as I often prefer it to gold or platinum. This pretty ring by the UK’s Pia Jewellery is a case in point. It’s set with three freshwater pearls, and two garnets, and has an artisanal look that belies its £30 price. Perfect when you have more flair than cash at hand.

Pia Heart and Soul Ring


Jewel of the day: Leivankash Dagger Pearl Ring

This ring is an interesting combo of materials: by designer Leivankash, it is plated in 22K yellow gold and set with a freshwater pearl. It’s part of the designer’s Damocles collection, with the tiny dagger a play on words (symbols?) of the sword of Damocles…

This is also available in rose gold and silver plated bronze and sells for £240.

Leivankash dagger pearl ring

Jewel of the day: Natasha Zinko Gold, Sapphire and Pearl Earrings

These shoulder duster earrings by Natasha Zinko are some seriously large pieces of ear candy … Available from Net-A-Porter, the site notes, “Natasha Zinko’s earrings are from the London-based designer’s ‘Baroque’ collection. This ornate pair is handcrafted from 18-karat gold in the shape of hearts and set with 0.13-carats of rose-cut white sapphires. The freshwater pearl drops elegantly sway with each movement.”

They measure 1-1/2 inches wide, with a drop of 3-1/2 inches, and sell for USD $8,480.

Natasha Zinko earrings

Jewel of the day: Lauren Chisholm Modern Pearl Ring

I think this ring by Lauren Chisholm is very cool; having said that, clumsy me would probably shear the pearl right off that ring within the first 24 hours.

It features an 11 mm black pearl on top of a slightly tapered wide 14k rose gold band (it’s also available in sterling silver and in 14k yellow gold with a white pearl). The selling site, Visible Interest, notes it is, “accented with the designer’s signature detail, a contrasting 18K gold ball artistically incorporated into the design.” It is made in one size, which fits a 7-71/2, but is shown worn on fingers other than the traditional ring finger.

It sells for USD $2,850.

Lauren Chisolm Mod Ring

Jewel of the day: Ann Taylor Arctic Halo Necklace

This is an interesting mashup of Chanel styles – the chain link, the implied black leather, the pearls. But … it works. Ann Taylor has a few pieces in this line (though I wouldn’t recommend wearing more than one at a time), and it looks richer than it’s USD $69.50 price tag would imply. Interestingly, at the time of writing, this showed as having a 60 per cent off option for US purchasers – but not Canadians. Hmmm.

Ann Taylor Arctic Halo Necklace


Jewel of the day: Antique gilt earrings

The top pair of earrings, a lover’s knot, belonged to my late grandmother. I smile when I see and wear them because they remind me of her. I had always thought they were a low karat gold, but when I finally louped the back, noticed that they are .800 silver, and had a now faded but charming gold wash on them.

Many years after I inherited them, I saw a similar pair in an antique jewellery shop. I brought them home and when I louped them, was stunned to see the same (obscure) maker’s mark on the reverse. These are also gold plated .800 silver, though set with a pearl and much shinier and less worn in their finish. Both have pierced, French backs.

I love the newer ones too, but they don’t have the same sentimental value. I do adore the fact that they came from the same maker, though. Serendipity.

Antique earrings front

Antique earrings reverse

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