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Jewel of the day: Plukka Bullet Ring

I like the industrial look of this ring, even though it was inspired by a bullet shape. You know, make jewellery, not war. Though designer Plukka says this about it: “Our iconic “Bullet” ring from our “Razor Mittens” collection evokes hardware, both military and industrial. A sharp, modern black rhodium spike juxtaposed against curvaceous lines makes for the sexiest accessory. It matches everything from Chanel to camouflage. Consider it a bulletproof wardrobe staple.”

So hardware more than weaponry. OK. Arming your finger will set you back USD$200. Bang!


Jewel of the day: Etername “Pure” Pink Sapphire Nail Ring

Jewelry of late has been moving all over the hand – rings that span more than one finger or sit just below the first joint; pieces that span the entire hand and close around the wrist; and the newer trend of nail rings. A circular band worn right around the nail. I’m all for adornment but I can see something like this being easily and quickly lost (especially if you live in a climate that requires gloves or mittens, or … well, just like to use your hands. As humans do…)

This one by Etername is pave set with pink sapphires in 18k rose gold. The site selling it,, notes, “This sleek and simple pinky ring sheaths the nail of your little finger in sparkling pink sapphires set in 18K rose gold, adding a filip of unexpected chic to whatever you’re sporting – on the hand, wrist or body.”

If you aren’t afraid to let your fingers do the walking and talking, this sells for USD$2,000. Though you might just want to ensure your insurance coverage guarding against loss is up to date.

Plukka Pink Sapphire Nail Ring


Jewel of the day: Plukka Ruby Gaujard Necklace

Yes, I’m still on a statement necklace kick. Though I am fervently hoping this necklace by Plukka, dubbed the ruby Gaujard necklace, has been oddly enhanced in Photoshop. Because if the stones look this radioactive in person well, let’s just say it isn’t good.

Made with rubies and green garnets on oxidized sterling silver, Plukka describes this USD $1,950 bauble this way:

“This bib necklace is a delicate and intricate masterpiece of floral-inspired metalcraft. Liberally sprinkled with rubies and green garnets to evoke a veritable rose garden, this necklace, with its subdued finish of black rhodium sterling silver, can be worn day or night, with a t-shirt or a ballgown. 52 carats of rubies and green garnets. Total Gemstone Weight: 52 carats Length: Adjustable 14″ – 18″ Clasp: Hook and chain closure.”

Plukka Gaujard necklace

Jewel of the day: Plukka Karla white sapphire and blackened sterling silver ID bracelet

The still soaring price of gold has made fine jewellery an unobtainable luxury for some, but if you’re like me, the price hasn’t dampened your ardor for pretty sparkly things.

This Karla ID bracelet fits the bill – made of over 8 carats of white sapphires set in blackened rhodium plated sterling silver, it is classic with a twist. And at USD $990, while not inexpensive, it is still within reach for a piece like this. My only complaint – is it that difficult to use a tongue-in-groove clasp, instead of the ubiquitous lobster clasp, which really throws off the balance and look of a design? Rant over. You can buy this from Plukka’s web site, where they have lots of other lovely eye candy on view.

Plukka sapphire and sterling ID bracelet

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