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Jewel of the day: Museum of Modern Art Corsi Jewelry Resin Necklace

One of my first stops in NYC is typically the Museum of Modern Art, but for the gift shop. (Yes. I’m a Philistine.) I love the jewellery in their store collection and love rummaging around in the shop.

This necklace by Corsi Jewelry is made of resin to mimic precious gems, complete with bubbles/inclusions. It sells for USD$125 to non-members, $112.50 to members. There are also matching earrings available for USD$65/$58.

Jewel of the day: Elke Kramer Compound Ambrosia Ring

Australia-based Elke Kramer has a fresh take on jewelry, mixing resin with base metals in a way that makes old seem new. Here, a resin ring with a brass band. The site notes, “This solid statement ring features a half metal band and contrasting stacked resin discs. This ring fits comfortably on the hand to create a unique silhouette from any angle.”

The chunky silhouette is perhaps its coolest feature. This sells for $105.00 AUD.


Jewel of the day: David Yurman Resin Sculpted Cable Cuff Bracelet

The Sculpted Cable collection is something new from David Yurman; the brand notes, “In Sculpted Cable, David Yurman transforms his signature design element from its original helix shape into an imaginative carved form. The effect is an entrancing wavelike pattern that retains the dimensional look of the original Cable but reveals a smooth interior surface.”

This iteration features black resin with a underside of 18k gold plated silver. Yurman’s signature is raised along one side.

This sells for USD$850.

David Yurman resin cable bracelet

Jewel of the day: PONO by Joan Goodman Picasso Arctic Resin Choker

This piece is just fun to look at. I’m not sure if it channels Picasso as much as the Memphis pieces from some years back, but it’s interesting. By PONO by Joan Goodman, she describes it this way: The Picasso Artic Resin Choker is true to its name, with an angular centerpiece of metallic Italian resin elements anchored with frosted ice cubes, blending geometry and color.

It comes in other colours and sells for USD$275.

Joan Goodman Picasso choker

Jewel of the day: Wanderluster New York Badwater Bracelet

In the words spoken on the TV classic, this has spunk. And I love spunk. (Thank you, Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant…)

A fabulous fake comprised of a dyed resin tusk with gold plated base metal links, the Badwater bracelet from Wanderluster New York has all the attitude your wrist can handle. And then some. It sells for USD$85.


Jewel of the day: Shark Alley Hare Brooch

I think it’s safe to say that anyone in snowy climes is pretty much desperate for spring weather and some warmth at this point. I know I am. This pretty little brooch is very springlike; a resin hare with a tiny acrylic flower “tail” and Swarovski crystal “eye”.

Shark Alley is the creation of Sarah Kelly: All Shark Alley pieces are hand made in the UK by designer-maker Sarah Kelly.  Sarah is Brighton-based artist who has been working for over twenty years in illustration, textile design and mosaic.  Sarah set up Shark Alley in 2010 to return to hands-on making after several years of working digitally. As a passionate jewellery-lover of many years standing, this seemed a good place to start. Gradually more products have, and will, be added to the family. The medium may change, but the inspiration of animals, colour and pattern remain constant.

This piece sells for £18.

Shark Alley Hare Brooch

Jewel of the day: Macha Pluto Bangle Coal

Resin has become a popular material for jewelry, able to be carved, shaped, inlaid, studded … here, a cuff by Macha takes the form of rough hewn coal, with its glossy, craggy black surface. It has a metal core (no actual metal is specified, so I’ll go with stainless steel…)

The piece is described this way: Each bangle is hand-poured and created in an eco-resin, sourced from non-toxic industrial waste. The tiny imperfections and slight variations of colour are a natural result of the process making each piece unique. Resin should be treated as ceramic, durable but it can break if dropped.

It sells for USD $250 from OakNY.

Macha Pluto Bangle Coal

Jewel of the day: Martha Sturdy Resin Cuffs

I love Martha Sturdy jewellery and have several of her 1980s pieces, particularly the large hammered brass earrings (or as my husband called them, ear plates).

Sturdy moved to furniture and sculpture but has recently revisited jewellery. Or, as she calls it, wearable sculpture. These square resin bracelets are 1 inch thick and sell for CDN$350.

Martha Sturdy resin cuffs



Jewel of the day: Iris Apfel for HSN Resin Claw Stretch Bracelet

I have to admit that the words “stretch bracelet” make me wince just a little bit. Anything on elastic isn’t my first jewellery pick. But I really like Iris Apfel’s outrageous style and this is one of the few pieces offered by her collaboration with HSN that attempts to capture it. So stretch it is.

It pulls off the look of vintage Bakelite/plastic jewellery as well (not to mention Halloween candy – it’s a lot of look, which is the intent).

It sells for USD $49.95 on

Iris Apfel Resin Claw Stretch Bracelet

Iris Apfel



Jewel of the day: Giorgio Armani Crystal Charm Necklace

As designers and retailers clear out fall 2014 stock to make way for spring 2015 (you are ready for spring now, aren’t you?) there are many markdowns. This necklace by Giorgio Armani originally retailed for USD $1,414, but is now selling for USD $848.

The site notes, “Composition:  70% Metal, 10% PVC, 10% Polyester, 5% Clear Crystal, 5% Enamel. Spring catch clasp closure. Logo application.” Though I particularly enjoyed this circular reasoning under “size”: The size shown for this item is the size indicated by the designer on the label.

Giorgio Armani necklace


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