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Jewel of the day: Everett NYC Ring Stack

This is a bit of a different take on the ring stack, with varying band styles and widths grouped together. All by Everett NYC, the centrepiece is a one of a kind 1.50-carat yellow rose cut marquise diamond. The other bands are their Aurora curved diamond ring; large Aster diamond band and Emma white diamond chevron band. Check their site for prices and other stack combos.


Jewel of the day: Charlotte Chesnais Art Ring Set

I’m kind of in love with these rings by Charlotte Chesnais. They are sold as a set but of course can be worn separately or together. The site notes that the largest and smallest rings have a reflective finish and that the middle sized ring has a matte finish. These are 18k gold plated sterling silver (vermeil).

They sell for USD$1,100.

Jewel of the day: Atelier Paulin Rings

Atelier Paulin specializes in wire word (and letter) jewelry; they also offer customization. The rings are available in either sterling silver or 14 karat yellow or rose gold filled wire. About Atelier Paulin: Passionate about fashion jewellery and graced with a innate sense of beauty, designer Anne-Sophie Baillet lived many lives before opening Atelier Paulin; her jewellery design studio, which is named after her father. She graduated from design school, worked at several fashion houses and even had an event management career prior to launching Atelier Paulin in December 2014.

After several years spent working as an entrepreneur working in fashion and cinema, Anne-Sophie’s long-time friend Matthias Lavaux joined the adventure and brought his sensitivity for design and handcrafted objects to the workshop. This 15-year long friendship made a partnership seem like a natural step, as these two also shared the common desire to express emotions through jewellery while building unique skills. Two friends, two universes have merged their unique talents to create…Atelier Paulin.

As shown here, you can play your own word games, or opt for a single initial. They also do bracelets, word earrings, and more. The rings sell for €80 for silver, and €90 for gold filled.


Jewel of the day: Patrick Malotki Heart Wedding Set

Patrick Malotki has interesting wedding ring options (one, dubbed Cracked, has a fine crack where the band is open top to bottom. Hey, let’s face it. No one’s relationship is perfect!)

These rings form a tiny heart when laid side to side, undetectable when worn. They can be ordered in 18k white or yellow gold, or in stainless steel. From Facere Jewelry Art.


Jewel of the day: Clogau Gold Windsor Collection Wedding Ring

So if you went over to Kate Middleton Jewelry earlier in the week, you would have seen a post about Kate’s Welsh gold wedding band. It’s thin and simple, and in keeping with the Welsh gold rings worn by royal brides. If you’re a fan, you can have a similar one, from Clogau Gold of Royalty.

These bands come from the not surprisingly named Windsor Collection. They explain, “From The Queen Mother in 1923, to the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, generations of the Royal Family have chosen precious Welsh gold to create their wedding rings. This is a tradition that Clogau shares, for over 17 years Clogau has been creating the most beautiful wedding jewellery, containing rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty.

Elegantly handcrafted and featuring a most classic unisex design, the 3mm Windsor collection wedding ring has been crafted in 9ct yellow gold. Inscribed on the inside of the band is the Welsh word ‘Cariad’, meaning beloved, sweetheart or darling in a beautiful italic script.

Contained within the solid yellow gold is rare Welsh gold from Snowdonia, making this a truly unique piece of jewellery than can be treasured and admired forever.”

The rings are available in 9 carat white, yellow or rose gold, and sell for £330.

Clogau Wedding Band

Jewel of the day: Marc Alary Stacking Rings

Designer Marc Alary is best known for pieces incorporating animals or plant life; here he moves on to simple but still fun enameled stacking rings.

So far they seem to be available only in combinations of black and white, but these provide a nice graphic pop and are less sugary sweet than some all diamond bands.

They tend to run about USD$1400-ish and up; here a shot showing how a grouping looks together.

You can find them at Twist Online, among other retailers.

Marc Alary Stacking Rings

Jewel of the day: Rachel Rose Emerald Stacking Rings

Stacking rings (and bracelets and necklaces) are here to stay, it seems. These pretty emerald set ones are by designer Rachel Rose, based in California and selling on Ruby Lane.

She describes these one-of-a-kind rings as, “AA Colombian emerald gems in the green that only real Colombian emeralds are, bezel set in round bands of matte 18K solid Gold. Size is 6 but I can easily size the rings for you…just let me know. Wear them individually, 2 or 3 at a time, each single ring has a 1.5 cts and the double ring is 3 cts of emerald. The colors of the green and the bright 18K gold are simply amazing. ”

These sell for USD$1,250.

Rachel Rose Stacking Rings

Jewel of the day: Vrai and Oro Diamond Stacking Ring Pair

Vrai and Oro’s schtick is affordable jewelry without exorbitant markups.

They explain, “Vrai & Oro means truth (in French) and gold (in Spanish and Italian). Our philosophy is about creating for quality, being inspired by simplicity, and embodying transparency. Instead of focusing on trends, we offer simple, delicate pieces that can be worn every day. Fashion shouldn’t be disposable; we create for everlasting style. Traditionally, fine jewelry is often marked up 8-10x by the time it reaches the consumer – but we like to question traditions. Why not simplify the process, cut out the middlemen, and create a way to make owning fine jewelry more attainable? Meet Vrai & Oro. High quality fine jewelry, without the retail markups.”

Here, they offer a pair of diamond stacking rings (they are big on stacking); two square cut diamonds – one black and one white – set in 14k yellow gold. They sell for USD $430.

Vrai and Oro Stacking Rings

Jewel of the day: Runa Star Chain Bracelet

I can see wearing this elaborate hand ornament (rings? bracelet?) from Runa as a red carpet statement piece. I’m quite taken with it – it’s totally impractical but oddly compelling. Runa does quirky designs, like this skeleton ring. Interesting.

It’s made with 14k rose and blackened gold set with diamonds in small stars scattered all over the back of the wearer’s hand. Fittingly, it’s available at LA’s Roseark for USD $10,120. Sparkle on.

Runa Finger Bracelet


Jewel of the day: Loren Stewart Gold Leash Rings

Jewelry designs that span fingers, or are attached to fingers and wrists seem to be all the rage. This pair of 14k yellow gold rings is attached by a fine gold chain, and is open, presumably to allow for greater flexibility in terms of which fingers they are worn on (or how high up or down on the finger).

By Loren Stewart, they are available at Barneys for USD $295.

Loren Stewart Gold Leash Ring

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