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Jewel of the day: Debra Adelson Tidal Pool Cuff Bracelet

Jeweller Debra Adelson specializes in pieces which incorporate glass, to lovely effect. This Tidal Pool Bracelet has carved glass as its centrepiece, set in sterling silver and accented with white topaz stones. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Contact Adelson re price and other for sale items.


Jewel of the day: Jewelyrie Eclipse Earrings

I’m liking the curb chain motif in these earrings, made lighter with the blue hue of the tanzanite stone. By Jewelyrie, these “tanzanite, diamond and 18k white gold post earrings from Huan Wang’s Eclipse collection convey an amalgamation of beautiful contrasts imagined from the illumination of space, from the intricate metalwork to the rich prismatic of Tanzanite centre piece. Featuring the signature Eclipse composition of infinity twist halo encircled Tanzanite centre stone that hosts eight twinkling diamonds, accompanied by a rimmed texture disc.”

These sell for USD$1,320 and there are matching pieces in this design.

Jewel of the day: Plukka Bullet Ring

I like the industrial look of this ring, even though it was inspired by a bullet shape. You know, make jewellery, not war. Though designer Plukka says this about it: “Our iconic “Bullet” ring from our “Razor Mittens” collection evokes hardware, both military and industrial. A sharp, modern black rhodium spike juxtaposed against curvaceous lines makes for the sexiest accessory. It matches everything from Chanel to camouflage. Consider it a bulletproof wardrobe staple.”

So hardware more than weaponry. OK. Arming your finger will set you back USD$200. Bang!

Jewel of the day: RockLove Catacombs Ring

RockLove is a cool site that makes jewelry with a talismanic/Goth vibe, but also to support and celebrate the fandoms of various shows and movies. Categories include Firefly, Outlander, The Hobbit, Assassins Creed, Warcraft, Penny Dreadful, Stargate, and others.

They note, “RockLove celebrates lost art forms, eras of history, exotic destinations, and the belief that your jewelry’s back-story should be as interesting as your own. After an old-world apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer/jeweler Allison Hourcade Cimino fused her love of history, fantasy, and sci-fi with her training as a silversmithing to develop RockLove’s exclusive sterling silver collections.  In addition to the ever changing RockLove line, Allison has had the honor to collaborate with many beloved franchises to create sophisticated, clever merchandise that allows men & women of all ages to celebrate their favorite fandom. Every piece is handmade from start to finish in NYC by Allison and her team (including three German Shepherds who spend their day in the office, awaiting the UPS man and his treats) using the highest quality precious metals, genuine gemstones, antique relics, and fair trade organic materials.”

This ring takes its inspiration from the Paris Catacombs. “Beneath the very heart of Paris, twenty metres below ground, the “World’s Largest Grave” contains the remains of six million Parisians, transferred there gradually between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. In a maze over 200 miles of old caves, tunnels and quarries, with dark galleries and narrow passages, The Paris Catacombs house a tableau of death, with bones arranged in a macabre display of high Romantic taste. Poems and passages, both sacred and profane, adorn the walls to offer each witness ponderous pause.

Omne crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum.
Know that each day that dawns may be your last.
– Horace

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, the Catacomb Ring is massive, with the top plaque spanning 25mm square. Stacks of skulls and femurs surround all four sides. Averages 25 to 30 grams depending on shank size.”

It sells for USD$195.


Jewel of the day: Pilar Agueci Mimar Earrings

Happy to feature another Canadian designer, the Ontario College of Art and Design University trained, Montreal-based Pilar Agueci.

The site notes, “They are a fun drop earring made of one angle, connected to a straight bar.  They swing just below the ear. They measure about 30mm (1.5”) long. They are finished with a sterling silver post and backing.”

These sell for CDN$112.


Jewel of the day: Lagos Caviar Icon Bracelet

For the jewelry minimalist, this Lagos Caviar Icon bracelet could make a welcome gift. (It would also play well with other bracelets and a watch…)

Made with sterling silver and 18k yellow gold accents, it sells for USD$250.


Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Inlay Cross Cuff Bracelet

Pamela Love’s Inlay Cross Cuff bracelet echoes Native American pieces in its use natural stone, and the overall shape and design. In this iteration, she is using jasper in what she calls a windowpane motif. With a sterling silver setting, the bracelet measures 6mm to 1cm band width, 13cm from end to end. It’s available at Barneys for USD$600.


Jewel of the day: Shelley MacDonald Ulu Earrings

It’s probably a dream for a lot of small craftspeople to have an item worn by a celebrity. Shelley MacDonald’s life and business changed when the Duchess of Cambridge wore a pair of her earrings, called the Ulu, on her recent trip to Canada. You can read more about how that happened here.

MacDonald has been working overtime since then to stock her Etsy store, Shelley Silversmith. The good news: you can still purchase the earrings. This pair is the large size in sterling silver and sells for $93 (I am assuming it is US currency.)



Jewel of the day: Crazy Pig Designs Hannya Japanese Mask Ring

UK-based Crazy Pig Designs does some intriguing figural work in sterling silver. From their “faces” selection comes this piece inspired by the Hannya Japanese mask (though this rendering has a bit of a Rodney Dangerfield look to it … just saying). According to Wikipedia, ‘The Hannya mask is used in many not and kyogen Japanese plays, as well as in Shinto ritual kagura  dances. The Hannya mask portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy.”

The site has a lot of interesting work; definitely worth a browse. This piece sells for £165.


Jewel of the day: Claude Chavent Cubes Necklace

This piece is by Claude Chavent, and features a kind of flattened 3D effect of sterling silver cubes highlighted with one in gold. About the designer: “Claude makes “extremely beautiful jewelry-small pieces imbued with meaning and mystery, sometimes pledges of love, displaying art and skill….They are not ordinary pieces, but recognizable because they are so close to their designer’s wishes that they are like a series of self-portraits, unmistakably signed…They are sublime and hieratic, light imprinted with purity and with the absolute….free of baroque ornamentation and close to the intelligent, absolute beauty of unclouded feelings and as close as possible to desire.” Henri-Michel Morat

Illusion used to not to deceive but to cause perpetual doubt is found in the astonishing jewelry of Claude Chavent. His work is a triumph of tromp l’oeil technique; he brings seeming volume and movement to forms while leaving them flat and light. He plays with optical illusions, using the contrasts of metal colors to develop virtual perspective in his dazzling, sometimes startling, jewelry. Other contrast-such as yellow and black colors, precious and base metals and refined and rough textures- are impeccably crafted from gold and oxidized iron in his designs. He uses gold, platinum, iron and silver because each of these metals offers specific properties unavailable in the others. “Chavent has a passion for the architecture, which addresses and parallels his interest in form. He creates his magnificent designs in a studio in a small village outside Montpellier in the south of France. -“ From Masters:Gold, Curated by Martha Le Van, Lark Books”

You can read more about him here.

This piece is available from Patina Gallery for USD$4,695.


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