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Jewel of the day: Maria Black Wing Necklace

Danish designer Maria Black has a sleek, clean aesthetic that is perfect for the person who likes their jewellery to be unfussy. This necklace has a bit more going on than most of her designs, and uses a wing (looks like a bat wing to me) as its inspiration. Her “about” page notes, “Maria Black Jewellery is founded on the pure idea of combining aesthetics and artistry. Allowing contemporary fashion jewellery to emphasize the everyday look of modern women, and to challenge the common perception of body adornment. Patterns and shapes sculpted of precious metals define each collection. Maria Black creates each collection with an underlying expression of her passions and experiences, so every collection owns a feeling or personality and becomes a complete story. Two halves becomes one unit, triangles appear in triplicate, skinny rings and stacking makes delicate fragments, strong statements and earrings requiring only one piercing create the unexpected illusion of multiple piercings. Maria’s designs are intended to encourage individual creative freedom.”

This necklace is made with oxidized sterling silver on an adjustable chain measuring 44/47 cm. This sells for €107.



Jewel of the day: Antonio Pineda wing bracelet

I wrote about this in one of my first posts, but after wearing this bracelet this weekend I felt it deserved a second look here. It is a solid and beautifully designed cuff bracelet by Mexican silver maestro Antonio Pineda. The scalloped wing is set in front with a white pearl that looks  about 7 or 8 mm. I am guessing it was made in the late 1950s, possibly the 1960s (any Pineda experts out there who can tell from the stamps please get in touch!)

When worn, the wing juts out to the side (and because you have to be careful not to smack it into objects while walking or working, it doesn’t get worn often!) It attracted a lot of positive attention yesterday and I really enjoyed having it on. I think it’s a special piece, as much sculpture as jewellery.

Jewel of the day: Jeanine Payer Winged Embrace ring

There is no doubt when looking at Jeanine Payer’s pieces that the work has been touched by an artisan, and not machine made. Her work is known more for the engraved poems and sayings she incorporates, and less for the use of stones, but this ring (dubbed Winged Embrace) features a wing and a bezel set round coloured diamond, .85 points.  The sterling silver setting lends itself well to the colour of the stone and overall look of the piece.

I could see it being a different kind of engagement ring, or just a very pretty item on its own. Available from Jeanine Payer for USD $1100.


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