Jewel of the day: Derya Aksoy Fluttery Breath of Life Necklace

This handmade necklace by Derya Aksoy takes the form of butterflies and renders the in organza. She sells through Etsy from Turkey under the shop name Jewelera.

Aksoy describes this piece as, “A dreamy necklace I created by transferring real butterflies and moth wings images onto organza fabric. After cutting each of them, I cluster the pieces into a necklace that is so whimsical, unique and nothing like you’d see somewhere else! This necklace is featuring 14 unique kind of moths I originally created for a client in her choice of colors. I can make yours truly unique to you in the color combination you like!

This amazing necklace is a statement piece but not too over powering with its sheer and natural look with mostly muted tones but some bright colored butterflies coming forward over the top of the necklace.

I think this necklace would also make a gorgeous bridal piece due to its light sheer soft rich yet so pure qualities! You can also rock it with some ripped jeans and simple lacy top in spring and summer.

The wings and the butterflies are clustered on double layer delicate copper chain. The necklace measure about 17inch around the neck, but can be adjusted to your size for no extra charge.

Again- this original necklace is listed as a MADE TO ORDER item. I can make you a similar necklace with almost any color scheme you like, or make a very much of a same to the original one. Please contact me to discuss the details of your order!

Watch my short video to see how these organza butterflies become alive with the breath of the wind:

Fluttery breath of life...

It’s a very cool piece, and this one sells for USD$265.

Derya Aksoy Necklace


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