Jewel of the day: Katerina Psoma Nuwa Snake Drop Earrings

Fabulous and fierce, these snake motif earrings by Greek designer Katarina Psoma will amp up any outfit.  About Psoma: “Originally from the heart of Athens, Katerina Psoma developed her sense of culture and style while she was studying History of Art in Rome and London. During her travels, she accumulated a selection of fine stones and rare ornaments which later became the backbone of her first jewellery collection in 2001. The seasonal collections are mostly influenced by either artistic movements such as Jackson Pollock’s brushstrokes, or female personages such as 19th century women archeologists, have inspired previous collections. On the other hand, the influence of architectural proportions and Byzantine mosaics is strong throughout her Signature and Fine collections. The fine rosaries and long-chain necklaces, comprising up to 10 different elements, echo the art of uniting tiny tesserae.”

These earrings are,”carved resin coral snakes. Their lower part carries a white coral paste drop and yellow agate bead. Crystals set in gold-plated metal add an extra sparkle. The hooks are gold-plated 925 sterling silver. They offer the definite accessory for an impressive appearance. The pair is delivered in a satin pouch within our branded paper box.”

These sell for €145.


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